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Unified Brands Acquires Power Soak Systems

Unified Brands announced Dec. 20 that it has acquired Power Soak Systems, a privately held manufacturer of continuous-motion warewashing systems.

Power Soak is headquartered in Kansas City, Mo., and has a manufacturing facility in Pryor, Okla. Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

“The acquisition of Power Soak Systems will leverage our channel with additional value-added products,” said Bill Strenglis, president of Jackson, Miss.-based Unified Brands. “It will expand our presence in the kitchen, complementing our Randell, Groen, Avtec and A la Cart product offerings, and will enhance our penetration of the restaurant chain and retail market segments where Power Soak can augment our formidable distribution capabilities.

“With the acquisition of Power Soak,” added Strenglis, “Unified Brands is poised to expand its breadth of customized solutions addressing the operational efficiency, food safety and environmental needs of our customers.”

The president of Power Soak, John Cantrell, said that joining up with Unified Brands represents a major milestone for the company. Cantrell, who will continue to lead Power Soak and assume a post as v.p./g.m. at its new parent company, stated, “Since our founding 28 years ago, we’ve been strongly focused on providing product excellence and operational solutions for our customers. Through innovation, design, and manufacturing customization we have created the category of continuous-motion warewashing systems, which has delivered tremendous value to our customers.”

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