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Welcome to our showcase of door-type dish machines. In March 2009 we invited makers of both low- and high-temp machines to send us product details, and these 10 suppliers took up our offer.

Read on for details you can compare model to model plus supplier statements designed to explain each machine's key features. For a full list of all door-type makers, go to our Buyers Guide at and search under the category Warewashing Machines, Door-Type.

Supplier statements are not to be taken as editorial endorsements.

Model: ES Series low-temp machine
Capacity, racks/hr.: 37
Water consumption, gals./rack: 0.936

  • 1½-hp motor
  • Spray arms recover full pressure immediately after refilling (on model AF-ES)
  • Dual screens to protect the pump
  • S/s air gap

Supplier statement: Introduced in January, the next generation of American Dish Service's commercial dish machines offers the lowest water use Energy Star machine of its class. Critical to the design of the ES Series was maintaining washing performance while saving water, energy, labor and detergent. So the AF-ES dish machine is equipped with a new innovation in spray delivery design. The appliance recovers full spray arm pressure immediately after refilling, which presents constant mechanical action over the dishware all during the cycle. Combined with a powerful pump, these elements equate to greater utilization of water, which means you use less of it.

Model: Versa-Clean DH2000 high-temp machine
Capacity, racks/hr.: 55
Water consumption, gals./rack: 0.90

  • Built-in booster heater
  • 1-hp motor
  • Interchangeable s/s upper and lower spray arms.
  • Wash arm design provides a powerful spray pattern that reaches every surface yet protects delicate wares.

Supplier statement: Launched at the NRA Show last month, the new high-temp DH2000 features an in-field adjustable design so it can be installed to meet each facility's needs. The unit can be installed in either 208V or 240V, in single- or three-phase, in straight or corner configurations and operating with a 40°F or 70°F degree rise. There are no kits needed for the different configurations as all the options are built in. Other standard features include rinse sentinel, which Champion says allows the Energy Star-qualified unit to reach a 180°F final rinse temp with every cycle, and an Auto-Start feature that automatically starts the cycle when the door is closed.

Model: EST-AH/C Series low-temp machine
Capacity, racks/hr.: 40
Water consumption, gals./rack: 1.09

  • 1-hp motor
  • Upper and lower s/s wash arms
  • Top-mounted controls include built-in chemical pumps and a deliming system to ensure proper chemical usage
  • Power Drain saves space and eliminates solenoid and external sump

Supplier Statement: Introduced in May 2008, the EST-AH/C Series offers a 72-sec. cycle time, increased rack volume, less water usage and less chemical usage, says CMA Dishmachines. As you look for energy efficiencies, environmentally friendly machines and lower cost of operation, EST Series door-type dish machines meet these requirements by being Energy Star approved. CMA says the EST Series reduces energy demand and cost while still delivering exceptional results in clean wares. Other features include all-stainless construction and an internal scrap accumulator.

Model: WT65 Series high-temp machine
Capacity, racks/hr.: 60
Water consumption, gals./rack: 0.89

  • Built-in booster heater
  • 2-hp motor
  • Revolving s/s wash/rinse arms mounted top and bottom; arms are interchangeable and screw out for cleanup
  • Temperature interlock guarantees required sanitizing temperatures in both the wash and final rinse

Supplier statement: Offering the strongest cleaning powers available in North America today, the Energy Star-rated Electrolux Hood Type WT65 Series dishwashers boast a 2-hp wash pump and wash up to 60 racks per hour with only 1 gal. of water per rack, says Electrolux. The WT-65 Hood Type dishwasher features double-skinned and insulated construction for energy savings and quiet operation. The WT65 also features the new Wash-Safe Control, a green light on the control panel that comes on at the end of the cycle to indicate that all dishes have been properly sanitized, giving you extra peace of mind.

Model: FI-120W high-temp machine
Capacity, racks/hr.: 60
Water consumption, gals./rack: 0.80


  • Built-in booster heater
  • Two 1-hp motors
  • Individual s/s anti-clogging wash/rinse arms mounted top and bottom
  • Counter-balanced hood system

Supplier statement: The Fagor FI-120W upright high-temp dishwasher offers versatility and efficiency. Features include all-stainless steel construction (including side panels), a built-in infinite rise booster and Fagor's exclusive Hot Water Assurance, which guarantees a 180°F final rinse. The unit is field adjustable for straight-through or corner applications, and it's efficient, using less than 1 gal. of water per cycle. The FI-120W comes standard with built-in detergent and rinse pumps for liquid detergents, and predrilled tank for probes and injectors, all of which make it easy to install a third-party dispensing system, says Fagor.

Model: AM Select high-temp machine
Capacity, racks/hr.: 58, hot water sanitizing; 65, chemical sanitizing
Water consumption, gals./rack: 0.74

  • Optional 70° rise booster heater
  • 2-hp motor
  • Revolving, interchangeable anti-clogging wash/rinse arms mounted top and bottom
  • Solid state integrated controls with digital status indicators

Supplier statement: Hobart says the AM Select warewasher is durable, reliable and efficient. It is NSF certified for heavily soiled pots and pans and Energy Star qualified for its energy- and water-saving advantages. An exclusive rinse arm design uses only 0.74 gallons of rinse water per rack, says Hobart. The warewasher uses Sense-a-Temp technology to ensure the water temperature in the booster is at 180°F before the rinse cycle begins. The AM Select's patented wash arm provides full rack coverage while an exclusive slanted strainer system directs food soil into a lift-out basket for easy cleaning and also keeps the wash water clean. Unit is NAFEM Data Protocol enabled.

Model: Commander18-6 high-temp machine
Capacity, racks/hr.: 60
Water consumption, gals./rack: 0.80

  • Optional booster heater
  • 1-hp motor
  • S/s wash arms with high-flow, high-pressure replaceable nozzles
  • Single scrap screen design

Supplier statement: The Commander18-6 features an optional patent-pending RackAwareT Automatic Rack Sensing System that only runs a cycle when a rack is placed in the machine. This means no wasted cycles, says Insinger, and potential savings of up to $600/yr. on energy, water, chemicals and rinse aid, depending on your consumption and local utility costs. Another optional feature, the patent-pending VaporGuardT Condensation Removal System, eliminates the need for an externally vented hood. The initial cost savings of hardware along with the perpetual savings of venting room air provide significant operational and ecological benefits in the long term, says Insinger. Tank is front mounted for easy access.

Model: TempStar high-temp machine
Capacity, racks/hr.: 58
Water consumption, gals./rack: 0.89

  • Built-in booster heater
  • ¾-hp motor
  • Interchangeable wash/rinse arms screw out for cleanup
  • S/s self-draining pump assures no detergent residue between wash and final rinse cycles

Supplier statement: The TempStar high-temperature, door-type dish machine from Jackson offers the features you need to deliver optimal food safety and guest satisfaction. The Energy Star-qualified TempStar offers exclusive Sani-Sure technology with built-in booster to ensure proper sanitation temperatures are achieved with every wash cycle. State-of-the-art controls allow selection of up to four time cycles for warewashing flexibility and efficiency. And a s/s self-draining pump assures that no detergent residue is left between wash and final rinse cycles. The TempStar line is available in electric, steam or gas models with either standard or high-hood design.

Model: DV 80.2 high-temp machine
Capacity, racks/hr.: 54
Water consumption, gals./rack: 1.13

  • Built-in booster heater
  • 1-hp motor
  • S/s non-clogging wash and rinse arms
  • Mike 2 programmable controller

Supplier statement: Meiko says its DV 80.2 door-type dishwasher provides economical operation and consistent, outstanding results. Standard features include the exclusive Mike 2 controller for fully automatic operation, digital wash tank and rinse temperature readouts, one-touch selection of three different cycles, and advanced service diagnostics. Other features include a final rinse pump for consistent results, a drain pump to accommodate floor and wall drains, dual-wall flush s/s exterior panels for cool-to-the-touch operation, sloped ceiling to prevent drips on sanitized ware, dual-stage Active Plus filtration, and Soft Start wash pump activation to protect fine china and glassware.
Other models: Meiko also offers a two-rack-capacity model; a unit that can accommodate glassware, plates and soiled utensils in one machine; and a tall-hood machine for sheet pans.

Model: SDRA high-temp machine
Capacity, racks/hr.: 53
Water consumption, gals./rack: 1.73

  • Optional booster heater
  • 1-hp motor
  • Balanced revolving wash arms mounted top and bottom
  • Pop-up door opens automatically when rinse cycle completes

Supplier statement: Stero says its Door-type Washers are compact, efficient warewashing machines that offer maximum power while saving on operating expenses. Stero Door-type washers feature flexible design and high-temperature, low energy consumption. Powerful cleaning action with revolving spray arms removes fats and oils such as lipstick. The compact, flexible design means the unit may be used as a small warewasher. Low energy and water consumption save on utility bills. The easy load and unload is a time-efficient process that lets employees focus on other tasks.

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