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FWE showcases its new line of smokin’ hot cook-and-hold ovens with a brand new “smoker” feature at NAFEM. The CHSK Series is versatile enough to cook, hold and smoke anything including pork, salmon, cheese, roasted potatoes or omelets. The ovens feature a 2-stage smoker. The “light” stage is a quick 15-min. smoke while the “standard” stage is a longer 1-to-2-hr. smoke. The units offer the longest burn time in the industry without wood chip refill, according to the company. 


The new LoLo Electric Steamer has been selected to appear in the What’s Hot! What’s Cool! Pavilion at the 2013 NAFEM show. The LoLo Electric Steamer (4- and 6-pan models) offers 3 cooking modes, all in one steamer: a high-performance, a-la-carte cooking mode for peak production periods; an energy-saving, batch-production mode for prep cycles; and an idle mode for quick recovery.


The Extractor Airpot Touchscreen Series Coffee Brewing System is designed for high-volume, self-service environments such as convenience stores, cafeterias, specialty coffee shops and office coffee service. The system takes the simplicity of coffee brewing to a whole new level. The touchscreen display is intuitive, simple to navigate and can be customized to display individual recipe names for quick and easy access to your most-popular coffee blends. Available in 3-ltr. or 1-gal., single or dual stations.


SpecFAB beverage counters from Eagle provide easy access for servers and optimize space for maximum worker productivity. Counters feature all-stainless construction with different edge options to contain spills. Customize beverage counters with built-in sink bowl(s), custom-length urn trough, electrical receptacles and back- and end-splash options. The counter base can be left open or be enclosed with hinged or sliding doors.

Eagle Group

The RCS10DSE features 1,000W of microwave power, a 10-min. electronic dial timer and 4 power levels (20%, 50%, 70% and 100%) to achieve a broad range of cooking effects. Dial automatically resets after each cook cycle, making the model ideal for public applications such as convenience stores and vending locations. Dial control can be changed to pause-and-hold timer for commercial kitchen applications. Durable stainless construction throughout provides durability and a professional finish.

ACP Inc./Ali Group

Manufacturing ceramic products has traditionally been costly to the environment, with firing and glazing resulting in high energy use. Evolution from Dudson is produced using 100% lead-free ThermECO technology (low-temperature firing), significantly improving the process’ energy efficiency and reducing the impact of production on the environment. Each piece has the hand-made appearance of thrown pottery with unique variances in color and glaze. Mix and match with Dudson’s Sand line or let Evolution stand alone.


App of the Month
Apple American Group, the largest Applebee’s franchisee, with 460 units, ran a little test 2½ years ago in its Murrieta, Calif. unit. It installed a dozen 20-in. disposable grease removal devices (DGRDs, Grease Lock Filters - fiber-based, from Ellis Fibre USA, Shreveport, La.) on the front of the baffle filters on its two, side-by-side hoods. Ellis Fibre had informed the chain that it would see savings in labor, water and exhaust system cleaning. They were absolutely right, “but we discovered even more significant savings,” says Dan Hennessy, AAG’s district manager for Southern Calif. “We went from needing to clean the stainless-steel baffle filters once a day to once a month, and when you have to take those down and wash them, they get abused. So right off the bat, baffle filter replacement costs went down–and those baffle filters are not cheap.” Additionally, the store went from requiring professional exhaust system cleaning (and the mess, time and expense the process involves) once every quarter to once every two years. “Most remarkable to us is that our rooftop hood exhaust fans are really clean,” Hennessy says. “They used to be full of grease, and we’d use those pillow packs to absorb it.” But maintenance crews would track grease all over the roof anyway. “We’re close to installing the Grease Locks in all 460 stores, and in some, those absorbency packs are two years old,” he says. Fire-extinguishing systems stay unclogged, too. On average, each store will save about $2,000 a year in exhaust system maintenance costs. The Grease Lock filters are listed in conjunction with listed baffle filters to standard UL 1046 by Intertek. “The fire departments love us,” Hennessy says, “and the health inspectors, too.”

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