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PRODUCTS: May 2013


Dudson extended its ‘Modus’ range with the introduction of 3 food-safe wooden plinths made from sustainable acacia. Featuring specific well sizes to fit ‘Modus’ ceramic items, the plinths add visual impact to this versatile suite of products. The trays are lightweight for ease of handling and have a lacquered finish for increased durability. Dudson also added a number of deep ceramic items to the ‘Modus’ range. For example, the new deep cup, created specifically to fit ‘Modus’ trays and plinths, is perfect for fries.



Dickoron sharpening steel is made of several million of the finest diamond grains and smooth ceramic particles ensuring exceptional sharpening and honing on your knives’ cutting edges. The new Dickoron duo from Friedr. Dick contains 2 round diamond steels embedded in one ceramic steel. The diamond steels featured with the Dinitec coating creates high abrasion when steeling and sharpening blunt knives. The synthetic ceramic surface then smooths and refines the cutting edge. The flat shape of the blade allows fast, easy and effective steeling and sharpening. Both surfaces—diamond and ceramic—offer an extreme hardness, making them suitable for all hard types of steel. 

Friedr. Dick GmbH & Co. KG (or) Friedr. Dick Corp.


Never remove and clean grease filters by hand again with Accurex’s Grease Grabber H2O, which now can be specified with a remote-mounted cabinet. Grease Grabber H2O is a self-cleaning kitchen hood system that features proven grease filtration, eliminates the need to remove filters for cleaning and reduces hot water consumption by 50%. The availability of the remote-mounted cabinet provides design flexibility, expands applications where the Grease Grabber H2O can be specified and makes the controls more easily accessible for the user.

Accurex/Greenheck Co.


This silicone gasket fits around the rim of full or half-size metal or plastic kitchen pans. It seals the space between pan and steam table to reduce steam loss. It can seal a pan lid or plastic food wrap to a pan; plastic food wrap bonds to it easily. The gasket keeps utensils from sliding into pans and protects pan edges. The gasket is oven (up to 450°F), freezer and dishwasher safe.

FMP Products



Induction units provide foodservice operators with an easy, clean, safe, economical and energy-efficient way to cook and maintain food temperatures, especially on buffet lines. Features of the Glenray Induction Cooktop, new from Tomlinson, include: temperature range of 140° to 428°F, minute timer up to 120 min., 15 power levels, an attractive stainless case, a small object detector, material compatibility detector and overheat protection. The cooktop is light weight, easily portable, easy to clean, NSF listed and ETL approved. Available in 1800W or 3500W.



The CDN ProAccurate Quick-Read Thermometer (DTQ-450x) now has a slim 1.5-mm tip. The NSF-certified model is designed for monitoring internal temperatures of thin cuts of meat, fish or poultry. BioCote antimicrobial coating on the DTQ450x helps protect against bacterial cross contamination. Other features include: wide temperature range from -40° to 450°F, easy field recalibration, 6 to 8 sec. response time, temperature data-hold function, sturdy stainless housing and stem and automatic shut-off after 10 min. Waterproof and shatterproof.



Made in Germany, Savoy White is a contemporary round, porcelain tableware collection featuring a convex-shaped rim. It includes a variety of plates, bowls, platters, cups/saucers, creamers and more. Savoy Square combines square shapes with extremely wide convex-shaped rims and corners to create a stunning white backdrop for culinary creations. Savoy Square features a full range of entrée and appetizer plates, both flat and deep, ranging from 5½.-in. to 12½-in. sq. The porcelain is lead- and cadmium-free, meeting strict California regulations; it is strong and light and will not scratch thanks to its extremely hard glaze. The porcelain resists breaking and chipping. The unglazed feet are diamond-polished three times and precisely leveled, preventing it from wobbling, spinning or scratching tables. Dishes efficiently store heat to keep hot food hot. It’s dishwasher, microwavable and oven safe (including convection ovens, salamanders and broilers). 

Seltmann Weiden by Frieling


When it comes to 4-in. center-to-center (CC) and 8-in. CC deck-mounted faucets, Fisher faucets are made to last a lifetime. Fisher’s deck-mounted faucets and pre-rinse units are made of solid brass or stainless; there is no “shell” as the waterways are molded into the solid casting. Stainless seats are screwed and glued into the solid brass or stainless casting, eliminating erosion and guaranteed by Fisher for a lifetime. Additionally, the 2-part swivel stems add great value because the seat washer is attached to the stem using a swivel. When the water is shut off by closing the stem, the seat washer comes into contact with the stainless seat in a plunging motion. There is no twisting or grinding.


SCA, the maker of Tork away-from-home paper products, launches the Stand and Counter Xpressnap Signature napkin dispensers. The Xpressnap products feature the One Napkin, Every Time design that guarantees 25% reduction in napkin usage. Featuring a modern design and higher napkin capacity, the Signature Stand holds 1,000 napkins and the Signature Counter holds 500. Additional features include a new door on the Signature Stand to make refilling easier, and the Signature Counter has vertical and horizontal dispensing options. The dispensers also can be used to generate revenue through the AD-a-Glance insert panel, which allows restaurants to use the display window to promote specials and upcoming events.



CSCAMEX, a developer of temperature-controlled merchandisers for the retail industry, introduces the T-01 Warm Tortilla Merchandiser. The merchandiser is a well-lit, temperature-controlled unit with the ability to retain the moisture in the tortillas and be energy efficient. CSCAMEX worked with Mission Foods and thoroughly tested the merchandiser in Mission Food’s labs with its New Tradicionales fresh tortillas. The testing duration was one month, during which the merchandiser repeatedly merchandised the tortillas as desired—warm and fresh.



A Chilling Tale

The Irinox Model MF (MultiFresh) 70.1L ETL blast chiller has become an essential part of the kitchen (and especially the pastry department) at the Union League Club, a 134-year-old Chicago institution. The chiller has been integrated into every aspect of the club’s culinary action, from creating mousse gateaux for hundreds to cooling down breakfast pastries. “When we use the blast chiller on hot pastries, the chiller retains the moisture of the product by reducing the amount of steam and moisture that can escape from the pastry. This makes them extra flakey by quickly turning fats back into solids and locks in the moisture of the product,” says Bailey Mitchell, lead pastry chef. “We’ve come to depend on it to make our pastries consistent in quality every time.” One feature that’s come in handy has been the ability to gently poach fruit over night, she adds. “Poaching involves low heat, and the model we have has a low-heat setting. We Cryovac bags of fruit, such as apples or pears, in a poaching liquid with spices. Once the bags are sealed, we put them on trays in the Irinox over night at just over 140°F. This way, when we come in the next morning, the fruit is perfectly poached and soft and is ready-to-go in easily storeable bags.” This poaching method takes away the mess and hassle of watching product poach on the stove and creates a more consistent end product, she explains. “This chiller has allowed us to stretch our capabilities and takes the department to the next level. Our Irinox has worked flawlessly since it arrived, and it is truly a piece of equipment we depend on.” 


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