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Looking for those gorgeous, super-square cubes—the high-end looking “rocks” that dress a single-malt to perfection? Dress up all your beverages with Hoshizaki America’s newly introduced IM500SAA stackable cuber. It produces 435 lb./24 hr. of individual cubes (when air is 90°F and water supply is 70°F; up to 500 lb./24 hr. in ideal 70°F-air/50°F-water conditions) and can stack up to 3 high. Cuber measures 44-in. W x 27 5/8-in. D x 21¾-in.H. Cubes, from a horizontal evaporator, are about 1¼-in. square. Air-cooled unit’s air filter is accessible from front. The IM500SAA is Energy Star rated.


The new ICE0926 and ICE0726 are small-footprint, high-volume (930 lb. or 810 lb.) ice machines designed for a range of 22-in. and 26-in. beverage dispensers, including freestyle touchscreen models and multiflavor heads. You can install two ice makers side-by-side on a 48-in. or 60-in. bin to provide up to 1,800 lb. of capacity and ice machine redundancy. Evaporator combines a copper core for conductivity with electroless-nickel plating. Built-in antimicrobial protection prevents bacteria and slime fungus growth. Units need no air filters.


The Kold-Draft GT560 has a daily production of up to 520 lb. of the company’s exclusive square cube—a mixologist favorite. Kold-Draft’s cube, formed from the industry’s only horizontally-positioned evaporator plate, is known for its sharp, perfectly square shape, purity, hardness and slow melt-rate. That means the ice not only looks good, but also lasts longer in storage bins, bar sinks, drinks, salad bars, bags and coolers. For durability, the GT560 features a type 300 stainless finish and rugged uni-body construction. All components are up front and easy to access. 


Manitowoc’s award winning Indigo line of ice machines (83 models) combine intelligent self-diagnostics, self-monitoring, easy-to-read status screens and water and energy management capabilities (including ice production scheduling during off-peak-utility hours). You can get a read on ice production, energy and water use and service history to ensure consistent, efficient performance. A USB port is provided on the control board for uploading programming commands or firmware updates using a memory stick.  Historical data also can be retrieved using a memory stick from the USB port to analyze the performance of the ice machine using a laptop computer. Manitowoc service assist tool will soon be available to view this data via a web portal.  Luminice Growth Inhibitor keeps bacteria, mold, yeast and more at bay.


Maxx Ice’s MIM600 air-cooled condenser model produces up to 700 lb. of ice per day. Stainless construction provides durability to a unit that is low-maintenance, easy to operate and easy to clean. The MIM600 produces clear ice cubes that work great for applications in restaurants, bars, hotels, grocery stores and more. 


The Prodigy C0722 is a small-footprint, high-capacity unit that features AutoAlert indicator lights to notify operators of ice-making status and provide cleaning reminders, ensuring the machine works properly. It also features the patented WaterSense adaptive purge system that reduces scale buildup, extending time between cleanings. The optional Vari-Smart ice-level control sensor can be installed to program ice levels based on how much the operation needs over the week. The optional Smart-Board performs remote diagnostics to keep operators informed about machine performance and ultimately save on energy and maintenance.

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