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PRODUCTS: November 2013


Mike West, director of construction and maintenance at West Quality Foods in Laurel, Miss., dared to try something different, and now he gets thank-you notes from his unit managers. In early 2011, West installed a FOG Tank at a local Kentucky Fried Chicken, one of West Quality Foods’ 71 restaurants, after seeing the unit at the 2011 Association of Kentucky Fried Chicken Franchisees Convention in San Diego, Calif.

FOG Tanks are stainless double-insulated soak tanks that easily remove fats, oils and grease from metal cookware and kitchen equipment without any moving parts. The units are thermostatically controlled to keep water at 185°F, which, along with a proprietary Tiger Carbon-Removal Powder, can clean and sanitize everything from coated pots and pans to exhaust-hood filters. 

When West tried the FOG Tank, “it was kind of amazing,” he says. “The more we found out about the tank, the more we put in it.”

The non-caustic, environmentally safe powder and hot-water solution “eats all of the grease and carbon off of pots and pans without anyone having to scrub them.” 

To run the FOG Tank, West simply fills it with water, adds the Tiger Powder, plugs it in and turns it on. Staffers put rinsed items in the tank to soak for anywhere from 10 min. to a few hours, depending on the severity of the grease/carbon buildup. A post-rinse typically isn’t necessary unless the buildup is really heavy. The solution has about a 30-day life, after which employees drain the solution out of the tank into the floor drain through a hose. Although the solution “almost looks like syrup at the end of the month, it cleans as well on day 30 as it does on day one,” West says.

He recently reviewed electricity, water and employee labor costs at the Laurel, Miss., restaurant and realized its FOG Tank runs him $11.60 per day to operate. (A product of Hyginix).


Manitowoc Foodservice launches a new brand of cube ice machines marketed and sold under the Koolaire brand name. Koolaire modular “Kube” ice machines are available in 3 sizes, 22, 30 and 48 in. with 7 different production ranges from 250 to 1,350 lb. of ice per day. Koolaire is targeted to customers who buy on price and want basic features, but also want high quality and reliability. The Koolaire brand will be supported by Manitowoc Foodservice current distribution partners and service network. You’ll find specifics on Koolaire at or on the company’s regular website.
Manitowoc Foodservice



Want to grill indoors but don’t have a lot of room? Low-profie 14-in. x 10-in. Midsize Electric Sandwich Grills may be the answer. The units are stainless with seasoned cast-iron grill platens perfect for grilling a variety of sandwiches, vegetables, meats and more. An ergonomic design and non-skid rubber feet make them ideal for compact spaces. The grooved (model GPG1410) and smooth (model GSG1410) units have a heavy-duty hinge with adjustable tension and a thermostatically controlled temperature range of 220°F to 570°F for consistent heating as well as durable stainless tubing to protect wires.
Globe Food Equipment Company

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