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FER’s Complete 2014 E&S Forecast Available To Help With Your Budget And Strategic Planning

If you missed the President’s Preview last month, you can still purchase the entire forecast for $1,295. It includes eight PowerPoint decks covering data and analysis of macro-economic, operator and materials-price trends as they impact the foodservice E&S market, as well as exclusive information on E&S manufacturer list-price trends from AutoQuotes. FER’s annual rankings of the top U.S. E&S manufacturers are updated. Additional data, buying group analysis and a full ranking of dealers based on FER’s annual Top Dealers Report also is presented. The merger and acquisition activity in both communities is detailed.

Not least, the package includes our hard-number forecasts of the E&S market for the rest of ’13, ’14 and out through ’17. We detail the longer-term forecasts by product categories as well as overall industry growth.

If you’d like to buy the forecast, email me at or Christine Palmer at We’ll send you a credit-card form and, once you return the completed form, all of the materials.

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