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No More Manual Slicing Thanks To Thunderbird’s TBR-580

In today’s economy, saving on labor cost is a must! With Thunderbird’s TBR-580, you have the ability to slice labor cost by no less than 75%. Manually slicing, dicing and shredding are a thing of the past thanks to this industry-leading and cost-effective piece of machinery. The TBR-580 is a 115V, 1/2-hp and 20A machine that can slice, dice, cube and shred virtually any vegetable. With many different sizes, shapes and types of cutting discs that are available, it also has the capacity to slice wavy chips and julienne up to 1000 lb.; the machine can even make French fries. Along with being NSF and CE approved, its stainless knives make cutting very easy. Unit is 53-lb. and keeps up with demand in high-volume restaurants.
Thunderbird Food Machinery Inc.

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