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Hot Cubes Give You Heat Regeneration On The Go

Cres Cor is proud to announce the newest additions to its line of patent-pending Hot Cube family of heated cabinets–now available in full-size and half-size versions. These units (models HC-UA-11-1 and HC-UA-5-1) have the ability to hold a variety of foods or other items warm and safe even when electricity is disrupted or not available at the location of need. Simple-to-use and-cost effective 1-lb. propane tanks provide a steady source of heat for hours at a time. These units easily adapt to larger propane sized tanks for all-day events. Heat-treated front door graphics allow for customization, and rugged casters allows for transport over the roughest terrain. The industry’s first full- and half-size tandem of outdoor active heat regenerating holding cabinets that never need to be plugged in!
Cres Cor
The NAFEM Show Booth #1420

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