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Champion’s EnviroPure: Green Is Good

Showcased in The NAFEM Show’s new product pavilion, Champion Industries’ EnviroPure Commercial Food Waste Solution System is an environmentally sound onsite treatment of food waste that consumes less energy and fewer resources than traditional disposal methods. By turning organic waste into wastewater that meets wastewater discharge standards, EnviroPure is the greener choice for today’s commercial kitchens. EnviroPure uses a proprietary, all-natural Bio-Mix additive to break down organic materials, including bones and shells, into safe, clean water that can be used for agricultural needs or just sent down the drain. A smart choice in price and performance, EnviroPure Systems can be configured to treat from 120 lb. to 6,000 lb. of food waste daily, greatly reducing dumpster use and the associated costs of storing and hauling food waste materials.
Champion Industries/Ali Group
The NAFEM Show Booth #2004

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