Foodservice Equipment Reports

Sterilization As Powerful As The Sun

The Edlund Co.'s Helios KSUV-18 Knife Sterilizer Cabinet utilizes ultraviolet light to provide superior sterilization compared to other knife sanitizing methods. The exclusive non-filtering clear slotted knife holder and special mirrored interior walls eliminate shadows on knife surfaces that could prevent complete sterilization. Independent laboratory testing indicated a 99% reduction in E. coli bacteria in as little as 3 min. The wall-mounted stainless cabinet has a UV-filtered Plexiglas door that protects operators from UV rays while allowing full view of knives inside. It holds up to 12 knives, or 10 knives and 2 cleavers plus 1 steel, and has a lockable keyed handle for security. An easy-to-use 15-min. belled timer and LED lights indicate when the door is closed and sterilization is in process.