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Halo Heat Provides Heavenly Soup Service

Alto-Shaam introduces its new series of drop-in Round Soup Well, available in both 7- and 11-quart sizes (6.6 and 10.4 liters). Incorporating Alto-Shaam’s Halo Heat technology and EcoSmart design, these units extend food quality and shelf life while providing operational cost savings. Halo Heat gently surrounds the food well providing consistent and gentle radiant heat from the recessed surface. The adjustable thermostat provides holding temperature flexibility based on the product being held. The round well can be dropped into any stationary or mobile counter or prep area. No water means no plumbing, so the cost of installation and ongoing operation is greatly reduced. Good for the food, good for the environment, and great for the bottom line…Sustainability redefined!
Alto-Shaam Inc.

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