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Recognition Is Wonderful

It’s time again to shine the spotlight on our industry colleagues who run their businesses with such efficiency, integrity and dependability that they’re models to us all.

In 2012, we formally revived our Industry Excellence recognition program to call well-deserved attention to the people and companies who really excel in their equipment- and supply-related functions. We give awards in three categories. Young Lions recognizes up-and-coming industry stars under the age of 40 in commercial and noncommercial operations, manufacturers’ rep agencies, dealerships, service agencies and consultancies. We also recognize folks of any age in each of these channels who go out of their way to serve our industry with their time, expertise and, most of all, heart: They receive Industry Service awards. For Young Lions and Industry Service awards, we enlist the aid of our channel associations—MAFSI, FEDA, CFESA and FCSI—for nominations. 

But we invite all of our readers to submit for consideration candidates they think deserve Management Excellence awards. We allow nominations in six categories. Two awards will be given to commercial- and chain-restaurant companies: one for those with more than 250 units and one for those with fewer than 250 units. One award will be given to a noncommercial operator. Two awards will be given in the dealer category: one for companies with more than $40 million in annual sales and one for companies with less than $40 million. One award will be given to a consulting firm. What qualities do good candidates have?

• They are honest, transparent and show integrity when dealing with employees, suppliers and customers.

• Their people are deeply knowledgeable and go the extra mile to care for customers and their company’s business.

• They show consistency and excellence in execution.

• They show consistent revenue and profit growth.

• They are creative and innovative in business and problem solving.

• Overall, they deliver a significant contribution to the industry.

Will you take a minute to send us the name of a company you admire and give us a few reasons why? Just drop a line to Publisher Robin Ashton ( or me ( with “Management Excellence” in the subject line.

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