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These companies introduced new induction products after NRA 2012.

SinAqua induction food wells eliminate the need for water and steam without compromising food quality. No need for the plumbing or drainage that accompanies traditional steam tables. Cleanup at shift-end is fast and simple. The food wells maintain holding temps accurately and constantly, avoiding excessive temperature cycling, which can “fatigue” hot food. In comparative tests, the wells save more than 50% in energy costs compared with a traditional steam table, according to the company. The food wells work with standard pans, including most 18/8 (300 series) stainless food pans. Choose from either 4- or 2½ -in.-deep wells. Both depths are available in either 120VAC or 200-240VAC.

The TCK35-A is at least 90% energy efficient and is easy to operate. It comes with 7 warming settings and 10 power cooking settings. Using the optional temperature probe, it can achieve and accurately maintain temperatures from 120˚F-400˚F. A cleanable intake-air filter in the base keeps kitchen effluent out of the electronics while a full-width, steel, squirrel-cage-style fan keeps them cool. Timer, automatic over-temp shut-off and pan sensor are standard. An LED display shows cooking/warming levels and diagnostics/error codes. Heavy duty and portable, this countertop induction range features patented circuitry to ensure consistent performance throughout heavy-use saute/fry cooking (208/240V, 1 phase).

The EM Series 2-zone induction cooktop is a 200/240V, 1-phase unit that can sit on a counter or in a refrigerated or standard base. The cooktop features a seamless 6-mm-thick Schott-Ceran-glass cooking surface with 2 independently controlled 3.5kW induction zones. Control knobs provide smooth, continuous rotation from minimum to maximum power level. Induction plates shut off with an overheating safety device. A full-length, stainless air filter is removable for easy cleaning. All major components can be accessed from the front and top of the appliance. Its knobs are heavy duty and chrome plated for durability and easy cleaning; the unit’s construction provides protection against water infiltrations. The cooking surface measures 16-in.W x 31.-in.D

The innovative, built-in Garland Green Heat Braising Pan can cook the traditional braising-pan way, but also can be used as a 2-zone flat griddle. Induction technology provides instant heat and fast recovery, requiring less than 4 minutes to reach maximum temperature at startup. The control unit regulates temperature in increments of 5˚F and ranges from 95˚F-450˚F. The pan is part of the Module Line family, which means that the electronics can be remotely installed up to 15 ft. from the cooking area. Models available in 7kW and 10kW versions with two 3.5kW or 5kW cook zones, respectively. Green Heat was a 2013 NRA Kitchen Innovations award winner.

The IR1800 Induction Range is for cooking, warming and sauteing with 6 power settings for temperatures from 150˚F-450˚F. The countertop unit is lightweight and portable, delivers heat quickly and can be adjusted instantly from an LED 4-digit touchpad. With 90% energy efficiency, the range eliminates wasted heat; all of the heat is generated in the pan, heating the food and not the kitchen. The range is compact and lightweight, allowing it to be moved easily and operate in tight areas. The easy-to-clean ceramic cooktop, stainless frame and low profile (2¾-in.H) provides a modern, polished look. Compatible with all ferromagnetic induction ready pans, the range’s precise cooking and energy efficiency delivers value.

The Iwatani IWA-1800 induction stove is durable and constructed to be portable. With a slim frame and profile, the stove is compact and lets you place multiple units side by side. Constructed with Schott-Ceran top-plates, the unit delivers 9 cooking power levels or 7 temperature settings for precise temperature needs. Safety features include auto over-heating shutoff and a material-compatibility detector. The electronic touchpad controls make the stove user friendly.

The new Mobile Culinary Station is designed for quick food preparation and convenience. Thanks to the AF-350 undercounter air-filtration system, the unit removes odors and grease-laden vapors during food preparation, so you can prepare food anywhere. The self-contained, mobile induction cooking station comes with refrigerated drawers for ready supply. Durable, the 16-ga. stainless countertop and cabinet is mobile but stays put with locking casters. A black body wraparound finish gives the station a sleek, professional look. A built-in MAX Induction Ranges LED display shows power levels 1-20 on cook mode and temperatures 90˚F-440˚F on temp mode. The induction range adjusts output for voltage, pan size, weight and pan construction. It provides over/under current voltage protection and automatically adjusts to voltage fluctuations.

Tomlinson’s Induction Cooktops provide foodservice operators with an easy, clean, safe (no open flames), economical and energy-efficient cooking method. Featuring a temperature range of 140˚F-428˚F, 15 power levels and a timer that runs up to 120 minutes, the cooktops allow users to precisely prepare a wide assortment of foods, including delicate items, and maintain food temperatures, especially on buffet lines. These units are lightweight and portable. NSF listed and ETL approved, cooktops are available in 120V and 240V.

The Mirage induction rethermalizer doesn’t require water for heating soup, stew, chili, mac and cheese or other kettle selections. The unit combines induction and rethermalizer technology. An 800W induction coil heats food evenly and efficiently. Heat transfers directly to the induction-ready inset, which eliminates the need to monitor and refill water levels. Three sensors have direct contact with the inset to provide very accurate temperature control and prevent food in near-empty insets from burning, which maintains food quality and reduces waste. Sensor readings also drive the Stir Indicator LED to tell you when to stir the product. Mirage units come in 7- and 11-qt. capacities in silver and red. You must use the included Vollrath induction-ready insets.

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