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PRODUCTS: March 2014


Beer drinkers know there’s nothing more refreshing than a good brew served at the perfect temperature. But different brews actually taste best at different temperatures. “For some beer drinkers, real refreshment begins at a frigid 32°F-38°F. And, while draft macrobrews serve well at that temperature range, many of the popular draft microbrews are really best served warmer at 41°F-53°F,” says Jim Koelbl, v.p.-commercial sales at Perlick.

Perlick’s new ArcticPOUR Advanced Refrigeration Technology—a feature of the company’s Century Beverage Dispensing Systems—has been engineered specifically to solve the challenges of routing a multitude of beers from keg cooler to tap at their optimal serving temperatures. The unique bar equipment consists of two main components: a UL-rated indoor/outdoor refrigeration deck and a separate, optional glycol-bath flash chiller that can lower the beer temperature 6°F below keg temperature. 

Because the refrigeration deck can be remotely located up to 100 ft. away from the glycol bath, ArcticPOUR offers installation flexibility and energy efficiency; for example, mounting the deck outside can remove up to 18,000 BTU/hr. of heat load from the kitchen, saving on energy costs. Additionally, the flash chiller can compensate for a keg that hasn’t chilled enough by shortening the time it takes to cool the beer for tap dispensing.


Hatco’s Decorative Lamps provide radiant heat to briefly keep food warm while enhancing your decor. From pickup stations to buffet lines, the lamps are versatile enough for any location. The entire range of lamps is available with a selection of personalizing choices, including shade styles, switch locations and mounting arrangements. Additionally, the lamps come in a variety of colors: 7 powder-coated colors, 7 gloss finishes and 6 plated finishes are available.
Hatco Corp. 


CUSTOMERS LOVE CHEWBLETSFollett’s new 15 Series ice and water dispensers can produce up to 125 lb. of Chewblet ice per day and hold 15 lb. of ice to serve up to 50 people. With its efficient refrigeration and water systems, the units are up to 60% more energy efficient than similar-sized cube-type ice makers and can reduce water consumption by up to 75% compared with undercounter ice machines. With features such as drainless installation, sanitary dispensing and antimicrobial protection, the 15 Series comes in countertop and freestanding models.
Follett Corp.


With Frontline Int’l.’s Box System for Standard Packaged Oil, operators purchase their choice of fresh boxed oil and simply stack the boxes on a storage rack, which is plumbed to the fryer. The easy-to-install system can be positioned in a storage area far removed from the actual fryer location, making it ideal for small and large establishments. Users could see oil yields increase by up to 10%. Hands and floors stay clean and grease-free.
Frontline International Inc.


Cres Cor’s Hot Cube 3 hot-holding cabinet switches easily from indoor use on a standard 120V outlet to 8,000 Btu of hot-holding power outdoors using a standard 1-lb. propane tank. The tank delivers up to 8 hr. of unplugged hold time at temperatures up to 200˚F. An extra tank reservoir is built in to ensure you always have a spare tank on hand. Need longer hold times? You can increase the tank size to 20 lb. by purchasing an optional tank-hose adapter set. Also optional: A built-in solar panel to recharge the solid-state digital controls for precise temperature settings in any outdoor location. This fully insulated, ¾-size holding cabinet can accommodate a variety of pan sizes. Unit rolls on heavy-duty, 8-in. foam-filled casters that allow for easy mobility when fully loaded, even on tough outdoor terrains.
Cres Cor


Witt Industries’ Paramount Series of waste and recycling receptacles is made in the U.S. from 100% post-consumer recyclable heavy-gauge stainless for indoor or outdoor use. Designed with a contemporary perforated circle pattern, the series has three lid options to choose from: flat, dome and hood. The receptacles are available in 35- and 55-gal. models.
Witt Industries


Dwyer’s Model WT2-10 Stainless Needle Thermometer provides accurate measurements for testing internal temperature during food-safety inspections. A retractable penetration probe automatically shuts off the meter when closed and protects you from the sharp tip while not in use. Additional features include minimum and maximum readings, audible and visual alarms and a measurement hold function. The thermometer also measures ambient-air temperature.
Dwyer Instruments Inc.


Globe has added digital timers to its 10-qt. through 60-qt. planetary mixers. The SP8, SP62P and SP80PL models already integrate a digital timer. When the mixer is stopped, the timer also stops; the timer resumes when the mixer is restarted. The Last-Batch Recall function remembers the last timer input, saving time when running multiple batches of the same recipe. ETL and UL listed, the timer is equipped with an audible indicator, and the 7-segment LED display increases visibility of the remaining mix time.
Globe Food Equipment Co.

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