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China Mulls Anti-Smoking Regulations

Few, if any, restaurants in the U.S. still offer a smoking section. Some countries, including the world’s most populous one, have no such distinction.

The Chinese government has released a draft of anti-tobacco regulations that, for the first time, would ban smoking in all indoor public places. Additionally, cigarette packages would have to prominently feature information about the dangers of smoking.

Cigarettes are popular in China, where more than 300 million citizens smoke. Ashtrays are commonly found next to no-smoking signs in public places, such as hotels, restaurants, train stations, schools and hospitals. It can be difficult to find a smoke-free restaurant, even in major cities such as Beijing or Chengdu.

In 2005, China ratified the World Health Organization Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, but it failed to carry out many of the measures within the six-year deadline. A WHO report last year put China behind many developing countries in terms of tobacco control, including Egypt, Thailand and Vietnam.

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