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Reinhart Pitches In For Nutrition & Education Foundation

Major funding for research and education by the Nutrition & Foodservice Education Foundation has been taken up by Reinhart Foodservice. The company is the first participant and thus a founding member in the association’s new corporate-partner program, which aims to build financial support for researchers and educators helping advance innovation and excellence in foodservice and nutrition.

Reinhart, a broadliner based in Rosemont, Ill., has 32 divisions spanning from New England to Nebraska.

NFEF announced plans for its new corporate-sponsors program last year as a part of a significant re-organization and rebranding effort. The NFEF was originally founded in 1994 as the Dietary Managers Association; in 2012, it was re-configured as a part of the DMA’s re-branding and name change to the Association of Nutrition & Foodservice Professionals. Reinhart’s designation as a founding corporate partner formally launches the new program.

NFEF’s new mission puts a stronger emphasis on helping nutrition and foodservice professionals learn about emerging trends and issues that will impact their careers. The foundation will support new educational materials and forums for working professionals and students while providing grants and assistance to researchers, teachers and innovators.
“Our goal is to be an innovation center for our profession, shining a light on the trends that nutrition and foodservice professionals must be aware of and adapt to,” said Vicky Kearney, chair of the NFEF board of trustees. “Reinhart’s support provides a significant boost in this effort.”

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