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Prodigy’s Monitoring Systems Keeps The Eyes On Your Ice

The CO722 Prodigy self-monitoring ice machine has external indicator lights that continuously communicate the machine’s operating status for complete confidence in its ice-making capability. Its small footprint makes it ideal for dispenser applications and tight spaces. AutoAlert indicator lights keep you informed of your machine’s operating status, signaling your staff when it is time to clean, sanitize and more. Scotsman’s patented WaterSense adaptive purge control delivers maximum reliability by reducing scale buildup, extending time between cleanings. Smart-Board technology provides operational data that can be displayed on-screen or transmitted remotely, resulting in early alert and fast diagnosis of operating issues. Vari-Smart ultrasonic ice-level control sensor enables you to program ice levels in advance, keeping just the right amount of freshly made ice in the bin.
Scotsman Ice Systems
NRA Booth #5001

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