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Titan Series Cuts Potatoes...And Time

The Titan Series Max-Cut all-in-one stainless dicer, wedger, corer, and fry cutter replaces all those other products that leave you wanting more! The Titan Series Max-Cut can dice, wedge, core and cut fries in ¼-, ⅜ or ½-in. sizes. It can cut 6- or 8-section wedges of potatoes, tomatoes, lemons, limes, etc. as well as core apples. The exclusive, made-in-U.S.A., patent-pending design lets you move quickly and easily from wall to table mounting with the available quick-connect bases. Plus, the quick-change pusher and all-stainless blade assemblies with protective wash guards feature the largest cutting surface available to make short work of your food prep tasks. Add in heavy-duty dishwasher-safe (tall door-type) construction, NSF certification and multiple cutting options, and you've got maximum performance from just one machine.
Edlund Company LLC

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