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UBERT Debuts Self-Cleaning, All-In-One Rotisserie/Combi-Oven

Choices are difficult, but UBERT Gastrotechnik has rendered it unnecessary to choose between a rotisserie and a combi-oven. Its new Convex Combi-Tower CKT2000 combines both appliances into one eye-catching, glossy-black merchandising unit. The rotisserie rotates and cooks food to perfection while the combi-oven gently cooks and regenerates side dishes. Both units are self-cleaning. The dual pass-throughs save footsteps between kitchen and point-of-sales and ensures on-site food safety; together, both units take up a mere 1 sq. meter footprint. Convex glass double-doors guarantee a perfect product presentation, minimal heat loss and low surface temps. Software can be updated via USB port.

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