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Ready...Aim...No Fire!

Accurex's new Fire Ready Hood, Model XRRS, functions as a standard ventilation range hood with the added capacity to suppress stove-top fires, addressing the challenge of protecting residential-style appliances used in commercial settings. Designed for use over a standard 30- or 36-in. residential range, the Fire Ready Hood incorporates a UL300A-listed self-contained, commercial-style automatic fire suppression system. The hood's exhaust fan can be either manually operated with the face-mounted dial or automatically operated based on the hood temperature that is monitored by an onboard controller. If the hood temperature is elevated beyond normal operation, the controller disables the appliance via the factory-supplied appliance disconnect. An audible alarm and dry contact is engaged to alert occupants and building alarms of elevated temperatures. If temperatures continue to rise beyond the rating of the system’s fusible link, Amerex 660 agent is released through four nozzles directed at the appliance and one nozzle into the exhaust duct.

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