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Toronto City Council Relaxes Food Truck Restrictions

The food-truck business is not big in Toronto, but it could be a matter of measurement.

Last week, the city council voted 43-1 to reduce the distance that food trucks must stay away from restaurants, from 50 m. (about 55 yd.) to 30 m. (about 33 yd.). The city says the change will open up hundreds of on-street “pay-and-display” spots for mobile food operators.

The reduction was a compromise between food-truck operators, who preferred no buffer at all, and brick-and-mortar operators, who said their businesses were threatened by competition from trucks parked closer than 50 m.

The council also voted to allow operators to hold multiple food-truck licenses to do business in various locations with one license per truck and allow proactive enforcement by city inspectors to nab vendors who break the rules.

Since last year when the council first allowed food trucks to use on-street parking spots, only 17 people have bought $5,000 food-truck permits.

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