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FEDA’s Free Profit Survey Provides Dealers Wealth Of Info

Is Smith Co. keeping up with Jones Inc.? Can Smith find out how it compares with its peers? If Smith is a FEDA member, there’s a way.

The 2015 FEDA Profit Report, available only to FEDA members who complete and submit their Profit Surveys questionnaires by Aug 1, will provide a wealth of personalized information on how an individual firm stacks up against competitors of similar size with similar operating characteristics. It also provides comparisons with the most successful firms.

New this year is the Performance Dashboard, an Excel-based template that provides a visual comparison of how firms rank on each of the key metrics in the survey. It also provides a way to see how changes in business practices would impact a dealer’s overall profitability.

Every dealer’s information is confidential. FEDA members can click here to access the Profit Survey Questionnaire.

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