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HX: The Hotel Experience Announces 2015 Foodservice Pioneering Concept Winners

A wine and tapas venue and a pop-up café reliant on sous vide won first and second place in this year’s edition of the HX: The Hotel Experience—Rooms to Restaurants show’s (formerly the International Hotel, Motel + Restaurant Show) Foodservice Pioneering Concept competition.

Top honors went to Bienvenu, a collaboration between Robert Simmons, Principal, Bruner/Cott, Cambridge, Mass., and Ed Arons, FCSI, Principal, Colburn & Guyette, Rockland, Mass. The design for a wine and tapas venue—ideal for a lobby area—unfolds silently from what appears to be a 7-ft. high-top reception table but conceals a rolling refrigerated unit to provide food that’s been partially or fully prepared and/or plated back-of-house as well as dry-goods resupply.

Second place was awarded to the new version of last year’s third-place winner CafeBellas, designed by Steven Cote, CEO, and Jasna Ostojich, President, CafeBellas, Winnetka, Ill. The pop-up modular-design café can operate in lobbies, courtyards and high-traffic areas not specifically outfitted to foodservice.

Third place went to SCOPOS Café, presented by Andrey Teleguz, Principal, and Amy Lizee, Project Manager and Designer, SCOPOS Hospitality Group, Ephrata, Pa. Designed to offer high-quality menu options with ultimate convenience, the café includes a beverages/dessert wing that can supply bottled beverages, premade salads, sandwiches and baked goods; a hot-food wing features an induction counter that provides cooking capabilities for unique environments. The counter is configurable to include induction griddle, cooktop or wok combinations and has on-demand ventilation and integrated fire systems.

Bienvenu will be featured in a future issue of Foodservice Equipment Reports and be built as a life-sized, working “set” on the HX show floor and used as a gathering place for networking. HX is Nov. 8-10 at the Javits Center in New York.

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