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PRODUCTS: August 2015


Managing a campus foodservice operation is no small task, especially when it’s academic powerhouse Yale University, New Haven, Conn. Yale Dining serves approximately 14,000 meals per day in 23 residential and retail dining locations.

In fall 2013, the university began construction on a new 16,000-sq.-ft. culinary support center, which houses the campus bakery, catering department, central cold-food production, training center and cook-chill operations. The building uses 12 walk-ins and holds $40,000 to as much as $80,000 worth of inventory. 

The original blueprint called for a standard refrigeration rack system using 9 air-cooled compressors on the new facility’s roof. “We were looking for 2 important features: energy efficiency and redundancy,” says Dan Flynn, Yale’s Director of Planned Projects and Maintenance. “Redundancy for security reasons—if one compressor goes down, we need to be fully operational so the product is not compromised. Our other priority is leveraging technology to achieve maximum energy efficiency,” he adds. During a meeting with Master-Bilt Rep Brian Henry, Flynn asked about the Master-Bilt parallel rack system.

“The beauty of this system is the compressors are all different sizes, and the computer understands the demand. Master-Bilt’s parallel rack consolidates all 9 of the compressors in this unit on a continuous loop with a 1-point connection. While other racks are either 100% on or off, the parallel rack unit combines data from all 9 compressors and calculates the most efficient level of energy to run at any given time to accomplish the desired cooling temperature. For example, in the night during low-use hours, only 1 compressor may run to maintain consistency. During peak-use hours when the walk-in door is opened multiple times, all compressors may be running to maintain the desired temperature,” Flynn explains.

Maximize your serving abilities and expand your menu offerings with the new Vitamix XL. With 1½-gal. real blending capacity, the blender allows for up to 24 8-oz. servings in 1 hot or cold batch. Engineered to reduce prep time and improve staff efficiency, the unit delivers time and labor savings. A 4.2-hp motor enables a range of blending speeds to process all kinds of foods from tomatoes to meat. A pulse function and variable-speed control encourage flexibility and creativity while a low countertop profile and removable lid plug make it easy to add ingredients while blending.

Hollymatic’s most recent introductions include 5 tabletop- and floor-model grinders that have cutting capacities from 375-1,984 lb./hr. Perfect for restaurants, supermarkets and butcher shops, all 5 of the styles are made of 304 stainless for easy cleaning and maintenance. Each unit features quick and easy disassembly as well as heavy-duty gear-drive grinding systems. They range in size from a small tabletop Model 12 grinder that measures 17½-in.W x 12½-in.D x 16¼-in.H and weighs 62 lb. to a floor Model 52 grinder that measures 39½-in.W x 30-in.D x 45¼-in.H and weighs 263 lb.

The EMPower Restaurant Series is Electrolux Professional’s new modular cooking range designed specifically for the U.S. market. The unit delivers high performance in a very compact space. Key components have been strengthened for greater reliability, reduced down time, better ergonomics and simple and safe cleaning. Its 1-in.-thick, heavy-duty, mild-steel, gas-griddle tops maintain selected temperatures and ensure quick recovery. The unit offers a variety of sizes of gas-burner tops as well as efficient flower-flame burners and removable pan supports. Featuring durable stainless construction, drawers that can accommodate a variety of pan sizes, an easy-to-use thermostat and a built-in compressor, the unit’s 2-in-1 refrigerated—or freezer—bases help save steps and time.
Electrolux Professional

Provide variety and free up some bar space with Perlick’s new Series 4076 Wall-Mount Beer Dispenser. The dispenser creates a front-and-center visual statement with smooth, seamless construction in any length up to 96 in. or 32 faucets maximum. You also can gang multiple heads for an unlimited run length and faucet count. The unit is glycol-cooled; glycol and beer leads can exit through its back or bottom. Easy to install, the 14-ga. mounting bracket is slotted to allow anchoring to multiple wall studs along the length of the head.

VaporPro is the new large-capacity, humidified, heated holding cabinet from Carter-Hoffmann. Its top-mounted reservoir eliminates corrosion problems by reducing the contamination risk of food debris. The off-the-shelf reservoir is dishmachine-safe; it’s also inexpensive to replace. With precise, active control of heat and humidity, the unit is good for holding moisture-sensitive foods, achieving 90% humidity at high temperatures. The humidity system’s design allows you to use any potable water in the reservoir; distilled water is not required. Ideal for restaurants, hospitals, schools and institutions, the unit is durable and comes with a 3-yr. warranty.

Provide easier access and improved visibility for your pre-chilled food products with Hatco’s Slant Option, available with the company’s complete line of Refrigerated Drop-In Wells and Drop-In Ice Wells. The CWB Models feature auto-defrost, which is activated through a programmable, advanced electronic controller. The IWB Models provide all of the quality features of the Refrigerated Drop-Ins, but without the refrigeration or electrical components.
Hatco Corp.

Taylor’s MagnaBlend Frozen Beverage Station is an easy-to-use blended beverage station that integrates a blender, shaved-ice dispenser and rinse station into 1 machine, eliminating the need to use multiple prep areas. The extra-large ice hopper holds approximately 28 lb. of cubed ice while the blender pitcher can produce 2 16-oz. beverages in a 9-sec. blending cycle. The small countertop blending station can store programmed drink recipes, making staff training simple. A programmable menu makes it easy to distribute custom beverage recipes to your network with a convenient USB port built into the machine.
Taylor Co./Carrier

T&S Brass and Bronze Works’ new EnviroPure ozone recirculation option eliminates the need to add fresh water during the organic food-waste disposal system’s digestive process; the option instead relies on water that naturally is extracted from food waste as it processes. The system breaks down food waste in just 24 hr. through mechanical processing and aerobic decomposition. A natural micronutrient additive accelerates digestion, turning food waste into a safe grey-water byproduct that meets or surpasses municipal wastewater requirements. With the new option, the grey water is infused with ozone, which acts as a cleansing agent. The purified water then recirculates in a bubbler tank until needed. Excess water can be used for irrigation or other non-potable purposes. A typical foodservice operation could save about 400 gal. of water a day using the ozone-infusion option.
T&S Brass and Bronze Works

Hoshizaki presents the Modular Crescent Cuber KMD-460MAH Air-Cooled Unit. Equipped with a stainless evaporator, the cuber produces the company’s crescent-shaped cubes. As an Energy Star-qualified unit, it can produce up to 457 lb. of ice per 24 hr. Constructed of durable stainless, the cuber is perfect for ice in beverage applications and compatible with many of Hoshizaki’s ice-storage bins. It also features the company’s CycleSaver design and EverCheck alert system.
Hoshizaki America

A la Cart’s multifunction Snack & Beverage Serving Cart lets you offer a variety of meals or snacks from an easy-to-use mobile serving point. The 60-in.W x 32-in.D x 36-in.H (53-in.H to the top of the over-shelf) cart has an all-stainless construction. It features a full-size hot-food well, an insulated cold-food drawer, a fold-up toaster shelf with outlet, disposable cup/bowl dispensing tubes, a beverage-dispensing area with drip trough and a pullout trash can. Great for roaming meal/snack service or as a semi-permanent retail kiosk, the push-handle cart has plenty of room for storage. A canopy as well as a front panel with customizable graphics are optional.
A la Cart/Unified Brands

The Wilbur Curtis ALP3GT Brewing System with FreshTrac technology keeps decanters serving freshly brewed coffee. FreshTrac includes a flashing, visual indicator to help monitor coffee’s freshness; it starts timing the moment a brew cycle begins. Freshness settings, ranging 20-120 min., are transmitted to a FreshTrac receiver that snaps onto any of the company’s decanter handles. When the time expires, an indicator flashes red every 5 sec. until a new pot of coffee is brewed. Fully automatic, FreshTrac’s silent, visual alarm provides a simple way to track coffee’s freshness.
Wilbur Curtis

Permatron provides a range of washable electrostatic air filters that install in front of slide-out systems containing the compressor, evaporator and condenser fans on refrigeration equipment. These critical components and air-intake fins, located at floor level on the front of most refrigeration units, are prone to suck in dust and debris along with necessary air. Debris restricts airflow, coats coils and makes the system work harder to maintain its temperature. Electrostatic filters catch debris before it enters and are simple to wipe down each day.
Permatron Corp.

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