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On A Happier Note For New York…

In our last issue of Fortnightly, we reported on the general uneasiness of New York City operators with the city’s new restaurant-grading system, which posts the past history of code violations and inspection reports on the Health Department website. Well, now it seems, there is something to smile about. The department has announced that 80% of the first 250 restaurants it has inspected under the city’s new letter-grade system have earned either A or B grades.

According to departmental officials, 48% of restaurants inspected earned an A for sanitary conditions and food-safety practices, while another 31% earned a B grade. Another 12% of restaurants received C grades. Only 8% of operations were closed until they could correct health hazards.

The department has so far conducted letter-grade inspections at 1,825 establishments throughout New York’s five boroughs. Officials said it would take anywhere from 12 to 14 months to complete inspections of the 24,000 restaurants located in New York City. The department reiterated that it would continue to close operations that pose public health risks, and would more frequently inspect restaurants receiving B and C grades than those that receive A grades.

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