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Perlick Mixes Up Bartender Cockpit With Tobin Ellis

Imagine bar equipment conceived by a renowned bartender and built by Perlick. Perlick’s new Tobin Ellis Signature Cocktail Station is a breakthrough achievement in underbar design resulting from an ambitious collaboration between 6-time national bartending champion and celebrated bar designer, Tobin Ellis, and the award-winning engineering team at Perlick. Engineered for speed, built for comfort, this new co-branded line of cocktail-focused equipment consists of innovative product solutions that have been specifically engineered to be more ergonomic for bartenders and to better accommodate their needs when making craft cocktails. The Tobin Ellis Signature Cocktail Station includes a suite of new features—replete with what Ellis refers to as a "bartender cockpit"—all dedicated to the efficient production of cocktails in high-volume environments.

Perlick Corp.

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