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Cyber Security Gets Spotlight At FEDA

April Fool’s Day might be April 1, but don’t be fooled by the agenda that day at FEDA’s Annual Convention, March 30-April 3, in Tucson, Ariz. That afternoon’s sessions cover serious issues—business and the web, and the resulting vulnerabilities to havoc and dirty tricks.

In “The Cyber Blacklist: Bulletproofing Your Business” speaker John Sileo, CEO of The Sileo Group, will focus on cyber security. Sileo will give a crash course in forging a high-level, non-technical path through the sometimes confusing web of human decision-making, computer security, mobile technology, Internet connectivity, online privacy, and cloud computing. The goal for dealers: an applicable and actionable “blacklist” of next steps to protect sensitive data, mobile devices, social identity and, ultimately, profitability.

Sileo will follow that with a session centering on “Spies, Hackers & Internet Attackers: Personal ID Theft Countermeasures.” Identifying information and the rapid rate at which it is being compromised means leveraging formidable tools to protect everything from Social Security numbers and bank accounts to passwords and intellectual property. Sileo’s interactive presentation, inspired by his personal battles with identity theft and privacy exposure, will deliver identity theft prevention tools and the critical knowledge to protect digital and physical data.

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