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FEDA Issues A Member Legislative Alert

The member breakfast at the March 30-April 2, 2011 Foodservice Equipment Distributors Association meeting in Phoenix is a crucial one for talking insider—or more specifically, interior design—politics. Across the country, FEDA members have been fighting legislation that threatens their rights to practice interior design, including the ability to prepare and submit drawings. As detailed previously in Fortnightly's Aug. 10 issue, FEDA is working with a coalition of groups, including the Interior Designer Protection Council, to fight these legislative efforts.

Patti Morrow, IDPC’s founder and executive director, will speak at the member breakfast March 31. Morrow will discuss the various types of state legislation and the impending threat to the foodservice equipment industry, and provide an update on what FEDA, IDPC and other groups are doing to defeat such efforts. Non-member guests can see the same program Friday, April 1 while FEDA members are in roundtable discussions. Learn more at

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