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Fryer Gallery: Energy Star-Rated Electrics

This Energy Star-rated, 60-lb. capacity fryer’s lift-up heating element ensures easy cleaning of the fry pot. Your employees will appreciate the easy, 2-step filtering process. Included are an 8-gpm filter pump for fast refill times and an extra-large 3-in. drain spout to eliminate splashing and swivels during oil disposal. The tank is constructed of stainless while cabinet features stainless on front, door and sides. Solid-state thermostat with melt cycle and boil-out mode come standard.

Frymaster’s FilterQuick Fryer (30-lb. fry pot) with fully-automatic filtration and optional integrated Oil Quality Sensor puts caring for oil and optimizing food quality at your fingertips. The “smart” controller monitors and helps control food quality, oil and energy costs, and equipment performance. OQS monitors the health of the oil by measuring the oil’s total polar materials and advises when oil needs to be discarded—no need for guesswork. High-quality oil ensures high-quality food with optimal crispy fry results. This model is Energy Star rated.

Cooking better food with less oil—that’s the inspiration behind the Evolution Elite Open Fryer. With an oil capacity of 30 lb. per full vat, this Energy Starrated fryer uses 40% less oil than regular open fryers to produce the equivalent amount of food and lets you filter any vat any time at the touch of a button. Fast recovery, automatic oil top-off and easy-to-use controls mean you’re saving time, energy and labor with every load.

This 40-lb.-capacity electric fryer, rated by Energy Star, has a faster heat recovery and keeps kitchens cleaner compared with a gas-fired unit. Equipment highlights include a durable, stainless fry pot, front, sides, door, stub back and basket hanger, and a snap-action thermostat with a temperature range of 200°F- 400°F. The large cool zone captures food particles to improve oil life; easily remove the fine mesh crumb screen. Optional programmable computer controls are available.

Part of Pitco’s Solstice Electric Series, this 40-lb. to 50-lb. capacity, Energy Star-rated model uses fixed heating elements that come in 17kW standard or optional 22kW power levels and environmentally-friendly, mercury-free heating contactors. For precise temperature control, the fryer comes standard with a solid-state thermostat, sporting melt cycle and boil-out modes. Opt for the digital controller for additional timer capability (2 timers total), and the basket-lift system to save labor.

This Energy Star-rated fryer switches to idle mode (stand-by position) between loads or busy mealtimes, leading to substantial energy savings. The fryer automatically goes into sleep mode at 200°F after 30 min. of non-use. Another highlight of this 55-lb. capacity fryer is the user-friendly touchscreen controller that stores up to 40 programmable menus and has an oil-filtering lockout control. Resfab also offers MB-85AT, a high-volume, 85-lb. capacity model, available with ventless technology.

Holding 45 lb. of shortening, the Energy Star-rated E17-14 meets high-volume frying needs. Fast recovery shortens cooking time, allows for large loads during batch cooking and reduces shortening absorption. Computer controls (with melt cycle) ensure accurate temperature control and limit extreme temperature fluctuations. Heating elements are made of a low-watt density flat bar construction, offering even heat distribution. Vats, cabinet and carriage frame are stainless.

This model of Vulcan’s Energy Star-rated electric fryers comes with programmable computer controls—leading to accurate temperature control (200°F-390°F), multiple melt modes, boil-out mode and 10 programmable product keys. A stainless cabinet; 50-lb. capacity, stainless fry tank; and a 10-yr. limited fry tank warranty all come standard. Plus, the units come with a 1¼-in. full port ball-type drain valve and low-watt density ribbon-style heating elements.

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