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XPress Grill Offers Easy Automated Grilling Options

The Garland XPress Grill allows operators to increase throughput, reduce labor, allow for menu expansion and ensure food and staff safety, all while delivering the quality and consistency customers have come to expect from Garland. The XPress Grill offers the ability to cook items up to 2-in. in height as well as three options for maximum output, including 12-in. single-platen, 24-in.single- or double-platen and 36-in. single-, double- or triple-platen configurations. Operators are able to prepare multiple menu items at once. It features Manitowoc Foodservice's unique EasyTouch icon-based touchscreen technology that automates the cook cycles, allowing staff to focus on other tasks while food is cooking, reducing labor costs and increasing customer satisfaction. Rapid pre-heat and recovery times and the ability to turn off lanes when they are not in use means the XPress Grill also reduces energy consumption up to 24%.
Garland/Manitowoc Foodservice
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