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Crash Course: Conveyor Toasters

The X*TREME Radiant Conveyor Toaster comes standard with variable-speed control, super feeder (grill-type piece that feeds product into the toaster), 1-in. adjustable legs, and 1½-in.H product opening. A 10½-in.W conveyor belt produces more than 350 slices/hr. Unit has Power Saver Switch and lighted rocker switches and special Cool To The Touch guards in the front and Cool To The Touch surfaces. It has stainless construction with metal-sheathed heating elements, and a self-dispensing bread drawer with unique warming area. Unit has handles on the sides and 39-in.L, 3-wire grounded power cord. The conveyor has a small footprint but still handles a variety of breads, bagels or muffins; it’s backed by a 2-yr. parts/labor warranty.

Equipex’s CT540 Voyager conveyor toaster works well for toasting all types of bread and bagels. Equipment highlights include the independent top and bottom heat activation; front-load/front-unload or front-load/rear-unload options; and a 3¼-in.H opening and 12-in.W conveyor. Unit uses quartz infrared heat; adjust the conveyor speed. Easy-to-clean unit features stainless construction and a pull-out bottom crumb tray. Feet are adjustable. Unit measures 18-in.W x 21-in.D x 14-in.H (add 13-in. to depth for rear unload) and produces 540 slices/hr.

Fast, reliable, and extremely versatile, the ITQ with Spot-On Technology holds up to 18 product settings and can toast multiple products from bagels to Texas toast to hash browns. Features individually-controlled top and bottom heating elements, a multi-speed 2-directional conveyor belt, and programmable touchpad. The conveyor features Hatco’s patented ColorGuard Sensing System that monitors and adjusts conveyor speed and temperature during high-use periods to ensure toast color is uniform on a consistent basis and can be operated in 4 different modes. Choose from 3 opening dimensions: ITQ-875-1C: 53/5-in.W x 21/5-in.H; ITQ-1000-1C: 92/5-in.W x 2-in.H; ITQ-1750-2C: 52/5-in.W x 21/5-in.H (2 openings).

NEMCO 6800/6805
Nemco’s proprietary element pattern provides consistent toasting, left to right, across the entire conveyor and across the entire bread surface. The convenient 4-position rotary switch lets you choose from toasting on 1 side, toasting on both sides, standby mode or off. Standby mode runs the topside element at a low temperature, saving energy when not in use, but generating faster, more efficient recovery when called back into action. Stainless construction, with a black, textured powder-coat top, withstands the rigors of any commercial kitchen but good looking enough to sit out on any catering or breakfast buffet line. Model 6800 has a 10-in.W conveyor and accommodates 300 slices/hr., and model 6805 has a 15-in.W conveyor and turns out 1,000 slices/hr.; openings measure 2¾-in.H.

The IRCS4 toaster toasts a variety of breads and bakery goods; conveyor reverse feature is great for broiling, cheesemelting, or heating products. Unit uses radiant and impingement heating, providing quick and consistent results. Dual 5-in.W conveyor belts come with independent speed and upper/lower power controls. IRCS4 has a high-contrast-color control display, 2-in.H opening, power-saver mode, high-limit switch, and variable-speed control. There’s no limit to the number of custom product settings; USB port allows for quick updates and programming. Unit toasts up to 16 pieces/min.

Vollrath conveyor toasters use forced convection and energy-efficient quartz elements to provide consistent toasting. The dual conveyor toaster is ideal for medium-volume applications that need to toast different items simultaneously. Toast up to 1,100 slices or bun halves/hr. when using both chambers. Conveyors measure 14½-in.W. Standby mode saves up to 75% energy during slow periods when unit is not in use and allows unit to quickly return to full power. Use variable-speed control to achieve desired color on a variety of breads. Top chamber has 1½-in.H to 3-in.H adjustable product opening; bottom chamber adjusts from closed to a 1½-in.H product opening. Independent heat controls and standby mode for each chamber adds versatility and energy efficiency.

Waring Commercial conveyor toasters are engineered to output up to 450 slices/hr. With an ultra-fast 5-min. heat-up time, this unit meets popular demand for evenly toasted breads, bagels and English muffins in busy foodservice environments. The 2-in.H opening accommodates thick slices and bagels, while 120V and 1,800W provide plenty of power. Conveyor measures 103/8-in.W. Perfect for a wide variety of foodservice establishments, from cafeterias and catering halls to c-stores, restaurants and more, this UL- and NSF-certified toaster with 5-15 plug includes a standby mode to reduce energy usage during slow periods and quickly return to full power as needed.

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