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New California Regs Affect Industrial Refrigerants, Not Restaurant Refrigerators

Just to clear the air, restaurants in California are safe under a Jan. 1 regulation that minimizes refrigerant leaks. The new state regulation, known as the Refrigerant Management Program, requires facilities using a single stationary non-residential refrigeration system with more than 50 lb. of a high global-warming-potential refrigerant to begin leak detection inspections, repair and recordkeeping. That 50-lb. threshold is for a single unit, not a cumulative system total.

The regulation directly applies to large industrial and commercial systems that use refrigerants with high global-warming-potential, such as those typically used in supermarkets, warehouses and food processing plants. The program builds on long-established federal rules on refrigeration systems.

The Refrigerant Management Program is one of the measures adopted to implement AB 32, the California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006. For more information about the program and its application, go to

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