Trash cans and recycling bins serve two simple but opposing functions: help keep areas clean in an unassuming manner and be visible enough so that customers know where to find them. Custom fixtures from DeepStream Designs provide both form and function with style. “The DeepStream Designs bins are solidly built, beautiful trash bins, which are difficult to find, as most the competition is putting out either expensive or cheap plastic options,” says Russell Beck, vice president of operations at Backyard Taco, a small regional chain in Arizona. The receptacles have a proprietary leg design with quick-change slide-in panel system that creates unique bins and fixtures customized to client specifications. Panel options include no-maintenance recycled plastic lumber, laminates, resins, metals, slate or other materials. Beck adds, “We really like the front flap that opens and closes to help keep the smells and visuals to the trash down. The bins also help us provide a space to stack guests’ used trays and collect all refuse in an attractive trash enclosure.” The fixtures feature marine-anodized aluminum and 316 stainless components to stand up in all outdoor environments, including beachfront locations. Structural elements have no paint or powder coating, so the bins can be pressure-cleaned. The heavy-duty liner is molded from 100% post-industrial recycled black LLDPE with a bungee to hold the bag in place.

DeepStream Designs

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