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DayMark Safety Systems

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Contact: Jeff Palmer
Phone: 419-353-2458
Fax: 419-354-0514


DayMark Safety Systems
12830 S. Dixie Hwy.
Bowling Green OH 43402
DayMark Safety Systems, a label manufacturer providing solutions for safe, efficient food rotation, is the innovator of the Dissolve-A-Way® label. These biodegradable labels completely dissolve in water in less than 30 seconds leaving no sticky residue--which can harbor harmful bacteria, yet they are durable in both freezer and cooler environments. Along with Dissolve-A-Way Labels, DayMark’s line of food safety products includes: DaySquares™ (Day-of-the-Week Labels), Food Safety Tape (with Dissolve-A-Way® Masking Tape), Custom Labels, Portion Bags, Date Coding Systems, Thermometers, Smart Temperature Labels and Shelf Life Labels. All labels are available in a choice of adhesives.


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