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Contact: Michelle Blakeslee
Phone: 714-917-1333
Fax: 714-917-1355


Selco Products
605 S. East St.
Anaheim CA 92805
A full range of product lines are offered by Selco including thermal products, control knobs, electronic custom and standard controls and digital panel meters. The thermal products line is comprised of automatic/manual reset bulb and capillary thermostats, cold capillary controls, hermetically sealed thermostats, high temperature thermostats, 1/2" and 3/4" disc thermostats, thermal cut-offs, thermal protectors and NTC (negative temperature coefficient) and PPTC (positive temperature coefficient) thermistors. Control knobs include collet, push-on, slider and a range of accessories. Selco's line of electronic controls consist of standard and custom controls for time, time/temperature, and temperature. DC and AC voltmeters and ammeters, process monitors, setpoint comparators, thermometers, counters and tachometers are offered in the digital panel meter line.

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