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AccuTemp Products Inc.

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Contact: Tom Kurgan
Phone: 260-493-0415
Fax: 260-493-0318


AccuTemp Products Inc.
8415 North Clinton Park
Fort Wayne IN 46825
In 1993 AccuTemp Products, Inc. began revolutionizing the foodservice industry. Our first product, the Steam'n'Hold steam cooker, brought steamers into the 21st century. By incorporating vacuum technology into a steamer design, we eliminated all the problems traditionally associated with steamers. The Steam'n'Hold was the first CONNECTIONLESS steamer...that didn't need a water line, drain connection, water treatment or regular deliming. AccuTemp also introduced the Accu-steam Griddle, which heats with steam, has uniform surface temps., near-instant heat recovery and higher output per foot of griddle. AccuTemp is your source...For Creative Cooking Technology!


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