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Electrolux Laundry Systems

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Contact: Don Mullen
Phone: 954-327-6740
Fax: 954-327-6789


Electrolux Laundry Systems
3225 SW 42nd Street
Fort Lauderdale FL 33312
Electrolux Laundry Systems is a leading supplier of professional laundry solutions worldwide. With a comprehensive range of equipment including washer extractors, dryers and finishing equipment, Electrolux Laundry Systems tailors solutions to the specific needs of individual businesses – everything from the laundries of apartment houses, hotels and health care institutions to commercial laundry operations and coin-operated launderettes. We have approximately 1500 employees located at three manufacturing entities in Sweden, France and Denmark and 23 national sales companies around the world. A network of 120 importers also serves the global customer base. The headquarters is located in Copenhagen, Denmark. Electrolux Laundry Systems is part of the Electrolux Group - with more than 80,000 employees, Electrolux is the world’s largest producer of powered appliances for kitchen, cleaning and outdoor use. The Electrolux name is your guarantee for a solid business partnership.

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