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Contact: Mike Turgeon
Phone: 418-687-3630
Fax: 418-687-3993


935 Lachance Street
Quebec Quebec G1P 2H3
For the last 60 years, Julien's Industrial Division designs and manufactures custom products. As a result, Julien can complete the most ambitious projects in record time and at lower cost. Worldwide, the Julien name is synonymous with quality. And rightly so! Julien's performance is backed by quality management mechanisms that guarantee the quality of every custom or production part, no matter what it is. Julien's ability to innovate in manufacturing and design has enabled it to carve out a niche for itself in a number of markets. Julien Inc. has carried out major industrial projects of a very complex nature in sectors with very diverse needs. Julien Inc. has over 300 employees, including engineers, computer specialists, designers, technicians, welders, and polishers, at its headquarters and a 170,000 square foot production facility in Quebec City, Canada.


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