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PRODUCTS: July 2018

3M’s Clean-Trace Hygiene Monitoring/Management System ensures effective cleaning procedures. Sterno SpeedHeat makes drop-off catering safer; Dudson’s Mosaic dinnerware comes in five colors; serve soft ice cream with Carpigiani’s Soft & Go Plus.

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Shop Smart

Launching a concept, unveiling a redesign or simply motivated to change up your table setting? Three leading tabletop sales consultants share top mistakes to avoid when it comes to purchasing tabletop items.
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Current Tabletop Trends Inspired by Nature

Follow the latest crop of tabletop offerings and you’ll find the majority point to nature. Certain products are environmentally friendly, such as paper instead of plastic or palm leaves instead of Styrofoam. Other items reflect outdoor elements—including flower petals, tree stumps and minerals. Two manufacturers say a U.S. national park influenced their dinnerware design. Note the following 12 products when reenergizing your tabletop landscape.