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Good Filtration

Keep up with customers expectations. These water filtration systems for cold beverage equipment will ensure a high level of taste consistency.

Ice at the Ready

Behind the bar or at a servers' station, undercounter machines produce ice right where you need it. Here are models from nine makers.

Equipment Comparison: Not Common Counters

Anything but off-the-shelf, the following counters are midrange to fully customized. Study the special features for each.

Multiunit Foodservice Equipment Symposium 2020

Organized by Foodservice Equipment Reports, MUFES is a one-of-a-kind event for foodservice equipment decision makers from multiunit chains and noncommercial facilities. Two days of education sessions provide advanced technical back-of-house content. Attendees also will enjoy first-class dining, evening receptions and plenty of opportunities to network and mingle during the event.

Current Tabletop Trends Inspired by Nature

Follow the latest crop of tabletop offerings and you’ll find the majority point to nature. Certain products are environmentally friendly, such as paper instead of plastic or palm leaves instead of Styrofoam. Other items reflect outdoor elements—including flower petals, tree stumps and minerals. Two manufacturers say a U.S. national park influenced their dinnerware design. Note the following 12 products when reenergizing your tabletop landscape.

Equipment Comparison: Pre-Rinse Sprayers

Kitchen operations without pre-rinse units may spend more time scrubbing dishes by hand, risk clogging up dishmachines with food debris and wind up with still dirty dishes. Despite how essential they’ve become in the back-of-house, they are notorious water hogs. Because they use water pressure to remove food waste from dishes prior to dishwashing, which results in overspray, the units account for nearly one-third of the water used in an average commercial kitchen, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. That amounts to about 53 billion gal. of water each year to rinse dishes with pre-rinse spray valves.

How to Specify a Pre-Rinse Unit

Equipment Comparison: Mini Combi Ovens

The mini combi oven category eables food-service beyond the standard restaurant kitchen. These small, countertop units are proliferating in convenience stores, supermarkets, ghost kitchens, catering operations, coffee shops, bars, food trucks, corporate dining rooms, college food courts, nursing homes, stadiums, conference centers—anywhere there’s a call for steamed, roasted or baked foods, even in small quantities.

Sizing Up Mini Combi Ovens

From the Floor at Host Milano 2019

Automation, communication, small-space equipment and more were among the trends that we spotted at this year's Host Milano international foodservice equipment show.

Back Bar Coolers

While bartenders dazzle guests with colorful cocktails and showy preparations, behind the bar are often overlooked workhorses quietly contributing to the operation’s success. As their compressors purr night and day, these back bar coolers efficiently keep wine, beer and other items chilled at their optimum temperatures, while providing enough storage for service to run smoothly. And they often have to look good doing it, as some models also function as a way to merchandise bar product, adding to a bar’s overall ambiance.

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