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Equipment Trends at the NRA Show: Multifunction Equipment

A little of this and a lot of that…flexibility in equipment is one of the top priorities for operators and the NRA Show floor had a lot of multifunctional equipment on display to answer that demand.

Equipment Trends at the NRA Show: Delivery & Off-Premise

The growing demand for restaurant food outside of restaurants has created a new market of innovative delivery and off-premise equipment. And it isn’t just about pizza (though yes, there were a lot of cool new pizza delivery products).

Equipment Trends at the NRA Show: Automation

The assembly lines invented by Henry Ford well over a century ago have nothing on the automation innovations being unveiled at the NRA Show. Robot servers, sushi-making machines and fully programmable pizza ovens are only the beginning. The show floor offers hundreds of examples.

National Restaurant Association Show 2019

Day 1 of the Show included slices of a 1,000-lb. Eli's Cheesecake, buyers kicking the tires on new, cutting-edge equipment, conversations about the current state (and future) of foodservice, and a sense that the NRA Show's second century will bring innovations and changes we can only guess at in 2020.

Product Gallery: Gas Fryers

Check out these models from Frymaster, Henny Penny, Imperial, Pitco, Ultrafryer and Vulcan.

2019 Kitchen Innovations Awards Honor Automation, Robotics, Versatility

Some notable companies and a few newer ones are among the 25 recipients of the National Restaurant Association's 2019 Kitchen Innovations Awards, honoring progressive equipment that increases efficiencies and productivity.