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The Weight of (Under)Water

Go ahead and splash around it, spill liquids on it, even submerge it. The BRAVO! BRV-160W waterproof digital scale can handle almost anything your busy kitchen can ask of it. It can be field recalibrated and has an oversized stainless platform standard and the largest LCD display in its class. Display options include: 10-lb x 0.05-oz; 160-oz x 0.05-oz; 160-oz x 1/8-oz; 5000-g x 1-g; 10-lb x 0.002-lb; 160-fl.oz x 0.05-fl.oz; and 5000-ml x 1-ml. It is powered by UL/CUL/CE approved dual-voltage AC power supply or 2 AA batteries with an auto shut-off.

Edlund Co. LLC/Ali Group

Refreshingly Redesigned Refrigerators

The redesigned Delfield Specification Line incorporate GreenGenius refrigeration—utilizing natural R290 refrigerant—and a 4.3-in, password-protectable easyTouch screen viewable from across the room. It’s easy to use, yet smart enough to control all the functions an operator could want. Alerts are sent directly to a smartphone or tablet for remote monitoring of data and equipment. Service providers can also analyze data history and review equipment remotely. A stainless finish, panoramic LED lighting and full-length door handle with tool-less removable gasket are additional features.


Beyond The Cafeteria

New Age Industrial’s Hallway Buffet carts can be used to serve breakfast, snacks, to-go lunches, concessions and more in the school hallways or other areas. Various carts work perfectly for middle and high school “Grab and Go” or carts with tray slides for grades K-6. The New Age Industrial carts can be customized to meet your needs, featuring areas for entrée, snacks, fruits, milk or juice; POS system; storage and anything else you might need on a mobile cart.

New Age Industrial

Plug-In Pizza

The Sierra SRPO24-E countertop electric pizza oven is designed and built for superior performance to achieve optimal temperatures while using less energy and providing quicker recovery times. It features a stainless chassis and body with an easy-to-clean stainless interior, double-wall construction for efficiency and cool exterior and dual Meteorite ceramic decks that offer exceptional temperature uniformity and consistent cooking times. The SRPO-E is designed for pizzas, flatbreads and other bakery products to be baked directly on the ceramic decks or your pizza screens, pans and baking sheets.

Sierra Range/MVP Group

Cold Yet Flexible

ThermalRite cold prep tables provide maximum flexibility with refrigerated rails, doors and drawers that are fully interchangeable in the field; 1-, 2- or 3-door options; granite or stainless flat tops; ambient temperature drawers designed to hold dough, ingredients or utensils; and a self-contained and glass-protected refrigerated condiment rail available in 6- or 10-pan options. These prep tables include a balanced energy-efficient refrigeration system designed to deliver quick recovery, consistent product temperatures and low utility costs. All prep tables come with ergonomic features, including easy-to-use electronic control panels and lockable casters to keep the table in place.


A New Angle On Shields

Eagle’s Spec-SHIELD food shields allow you to adjust the height and angle of the glass panels without any tools to best match your service style. One of the more important benefits of the design is that there are no holes in the glass panels for easier on-site installation. The food shields meet NSF standards and can mount either above or below countertops. The top flat tempered glass measures 3/8-in-thick; front and side tempered glass measures 1/4-in. thick. The post system features 1-in-diameter stainless legs. Eagle offers Spec-SHIELD as standard models for its Directors Choice cafeteria line as well as in custom configurations for custom-fabricated serving counters.

Eagle Group

Instant Kitchen

Kitchens To Go provides comprehensive mobile, modular and containerized commercial kitchens for planned renovation or expansion, new construction and special events or for immediate needs such as disaster response and recovery. Short- and long-term, lease or purchase solutions are available in a multitude of platforms. Our licensed team of architects and engineers, along with our account executives, partner with you to reduce downtime, project costs and construction fatigue. KTG’s innovative Solutions To Go mirror existing production facilities with state-of-the-art equipment, functionality and design. In addition to cooking capacity, cold and frozen storage, ware washing, dining space, restroom and office facilities can be provided.

Kitchens to Go Built by Carlin

World Wide Washing

Using a computer, tablet or smartphone, the CONNECTED WASH app integrates undercounter, pass-through and utensil washers into a network and enables the analysis and evaluation of all important operating data. Machine functions are thus monitored, analyzed and converted into recommended actions for the customers from anywhere. The app gives users a quick overview of the status and all important data on their machines. As soon as a machine reports a critical error, the person responsible receives a push notification. CONNECTED WASH also gives tips, for example, if the timespan between start-up and the first wash cycle is too long or wash cycles are interrupted.


Modern Old World Style

Turbo Air's new European-style bakery cases have tempered front and side glass and minimal frame which optimize display effect, including stainless floor for sanitation. All models are equipped with the Self-Cleaning Condenser. They also have adjustable tempered glass shelves, stainless front and back edges and LED interior lighting. These bakery cases have a digital thermostat with defrost control and are fueled by environmentally friendly hydrocarbon refrigerant that holds 33˚F to 41˚F. Refrigerated, dry, and refrigerated/dry combo models are available in various sizes.

Turbo Air Inc.

Cereal Served Clean and Simple

Keep cereal looking fresh and appetizing with Server’s new CerealServ Dispenser. Featuring an ADA-compliant lever with a natural up and down motion, harmful wrist-twisting movements have been eliminated. Plus, this motion creates less mess than other dispensers and eliminates the waste from single-serve packaging. Wall-mount or countertop units are available in twin or triple hopper styles with 1.5- or 3-liter capacities. CerealServ dispensers are NSF listed, BPA-free, made in the USA and backed by Server’s two-year warranty.

Server Products

High Bar For Low Temps

Whether you’re blast chilling, shock freezing or thawing, the updated Touch Screen Controller included on American Panel blast chillers makes it even easier to navigate through all functions, raising the bar even higher in the blast chiller market. A “Quick Start” function is offered if you utilize one function for most cycles, while the "A La Carte" mode has 6 timers for management of multiple batches in the same cabinet. Features include USB HACCP Interface, wi-fi Connectivity, Ozone Generator and many more. American Panel also offers the largest product line in the industry from small countertop units to triple-depth roll-ins.

American Panel

Purchasing Power With Pride

Comprised of 116 foodservice equipment and supplies businesses throughout the United States, Canada and the Cayman Islands, PRIDE Centric Resources connects dealers with centric suppliers to promote commerce and profitability. PRIDE also provides valuable marketing, financial and information technology resources for its dealers. PRIDE annually negotiates greater return for its dealers through the power of group volume. Incentives and promotions not offered to individual businesses are available to PRIDE and its dealers.

PRIDE Centric Resources Inc.

Pure As Pure Can Be

The world’s most highly regarded provider of high-flow modular filtration systems for the beverage/food-service industry, Selecto technology provides value and the safest, best-tasting ingredient water for hot and cold beverages, carbonation and steamers worldwide. Make the flavor pop in fountain drinks and hot beverages like brewed coffee, espresso and hot tea and ice tea. Our filtration systems for ice machines ensure good taste for everything from drinking water and soft drinks to cocktails. Our systems remove contaminants that form scaling in equipment, providing longer, more cost-effective service from anything that uses water, including dishwashers.


Scrap On Tap

The Scrap Collector (S914) and Pot/Pan Scrap Collector (P914) product lines now come standard with patented exclusive operator sensor technology. There are two additional modes of operation. Auto Start mode puts the Collector into standby if the operator leaves for longer than 4 seconds, using no water and negligible electricity. Water Saving mode uses only 0.5 gpm of fresh water if the operator leaves and includes an adjustable timer that shuts down the Collector if the operator doesn't return.

Salvajor Co.

The App-ortunity To Succeed

With more than 80,000 downloads, the Parts Town mobile app was the first on the scene, and has remained the best and preferred choice in our industry. Not only does the app offer a full experience from parts identification to purchase, but 30 million visitors have had access to unique features, such as voice search capability, interactive diagrams and barcode scanning. All combined, these valuable tools work together to get you the parts you need when you need them, especially when you’re on the go. Download the app today to see what everyone’s been talking about.

Parts Town

Compressor + Control = Cold

Nor-Lake provides refrigeration systems with Copeland Scroll compressors and optional Enviro-Control electronic controller systems. Scroll compressors provide customers with highly engineered, energy-efficient, quieter operation with increased reliability and extended equipment life due to fewer moving parts. A consistent long-term operation over reciprocating compressors allows for up to 20% energy savings. Scroll compressors are proven to exceed AWEF-efficiency targets for walk-in condensing units.

Nor-Lake Inc./Standex

Engineered for Ease

Manitowoc next-generation ice machine Indigo NXT offers a whole new level of simplicity, sanitation, energy efficiency and reliability in modular ice machines. It has a 1-touch 2.8-in icon-based easyTouch display to access asset information, service menu, reminders and alerts and a front-facing evaporator and hinged front door that swings open so no sides or top panels need to be removed to access the foodzone. Indigo NXT machines exceed new energy standards, and many units are ENERGY STAR 3.0 qualified. More than half a million hours of testing went into the development to ensure years of outstanding service.


Clever Cantilever

With no front uprights, Eagle’s new Q-Lever (Clever) Freestanding Cantilevered Shelving maximizes your storage, allows access to all corners and improves productivity. Shelves and accessories can be easily adjusted without tools, and traditional wire shelves, solid shelves, QuadPlus polymer shelves can be interchanged on the same unit. Available in standard and heavy-duty options, Q-Lever shelving is offered in convenient starter kits with a choice of all wire shelves or wire shelves combined with a bottom dunnage shelf. A standard unit with bottom dunnage has a load-bearing capacity of 600 lbs. per shelf and 1,000 lbs on the bottom dunnage shelf.

Eagle Group

Using Heat To Cool Better

An optional electronic controller for walk-in refrigeration systems, the Master Controller Reverse Cycle Defrost System flows high-temperature refrigerant back through the evaporator coil, heating it along its entire length to eliminate frost build-up. This results in more efficient cooling, lowering the risk of temperature fluctuations inside the walk-in caused by the constant opening and closing of walk-in doors. The innovative technology increases food safety, prevents product loss and significantly saves on energy. Web2Walk-In software loaded on each controller allows remote monitoring and programming of numerous setpoints.


Higher Fryer Supplier

With intuitive touch-and-swipe interface, a durable kitchen-proof design and an ultra-efficient low oil volume platform, the F5 fryer from Henny Penny is unlike any fryer you have ever seen. Cut initial training by up to 50%, express filter in 3 minutes or less, and benefit from the ease of use brought to you by an operating system and touchscreen designed for frying.

Henny Penny