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Smaller Kettle, Bigger Opportunities

A 5.3-qt. version of the Glenray Kettle, the new Glenray Mini Warmer is ideal for niche items and provides flexibility to try new things in smaller batches. The Mini Warmer also goes places full-size kettles and warmers can’t, meaning smaller operations can offer soups, stews, sauces, gravies and dips while occupying a dramatically smaller footprint. Available in corrosion-resistant black or stainless, the Mini Warmer ships complete with a removable stainless insert and heavy-duty stainless hinged lid.

Tomlinson Industries/Crown Brands
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A New Angle On Shields

Eagle’s Spec-SHIELD food shields allow you to adjust the height and angle of the glass panels without any tools to best match your service style. One of the more important benefits of the design is that there are no holes in the glass panels for easier on-site installation. The food shields meet NSF standards and can mount either above or below countertops. The top flat tempered glass measures 3/8-in-thick; front and side tempered glass measures 1/4-in. thick. The post system features 1-in-diameter stainless legs. Eagle offers Spec-SHIELD as standard models for its Directors Choice cafeteria line as well as in custom configurations for custom-fabricated serving counters.

Eagle Group
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Chilled Wells Offer Remote, Efficient, Easy Operation

Refrigerated Slim Drop-In Wells, which blanket pre-chilled food products to retain optimum freshness and taste, are now available in remote configurations to offer design flexibility. They are available in 1 to 4 full-size pan configurations that are placed lengthwise in the well for easy, reachable access to the food products, even with sneeze guards in place. The wells feature optimal and environmentally friendly insulation on the sides and bottom for better cold retention and cost savings, as well as auto-defrost. The CWBR-S models include a remote-mounted condensing unit and control panel; the CWBX-S models include a remote-mounted control panel only.

Hatco Corp.
The NAFEM Show Booth 1612

High Bar For Low Temps

Whether you’re blast chilling, shock freezing or thawing, the updated Touch Screen Controller included on American Panel blast chillers makes it even easier to navigate through all functions, raising the bar even higher in the blast chiller market. A “Quick Start” function is offered if you utilize one function for most cycles, while the "A La Carte" mode has 6 timers for management of multiple batches in the same cabinet. Features include USB HACCP Interface, wi-fi Connectivity, Ozone Generator and many more. American Panel also offers the largest product line in the industry from small countertop units to triple-depth roll-ins.

American Panel
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Bring Your Passion to the Surface

Garland Instinct Induction Counter Line by INDUCS is the first multi-sensor induction countertop line to incorporate cook-and-hold functions under one unit, measuring temperatures across the entire surface for increased accuracy. Dual-zone can adjust frequency on each cook zone to match pan requirements, adjusting for elements like ferrous content and pan quality; boosting performance and mitigating against temperature overshoots. Simple and intuitive operation with reliable controls that respond to light pressure on the control knob to activate the ‘turn’ function.

The NAFEM Show Booth 3200

The Weight of (Under)Water

Go ahead and splash around it, spill liquids on it, even submerge it. The BRAVO! BRV-160W waterproof digital scale can handle almost anything your busy kitchen can ask of it. It can be field recalibrated and has an oversized stainless platform standard and the largest LCD display in its class. Display options include: 10-lb x 0.05-oz; 160-oz x 0.05-oz; 160-oz x 1/8-oz; 5000-g x 1-g; 10-lb x 0.002-lb; 160-fl.oz x 0.05-fl.oz; and 5000-ml x 1-ml. It is powered by UL/CUL/CE approved dual-voltage AC power supply or 2 AA batteries with an auto shut-off.

Edlund Co. LLC/Ali Group
The NAFEM Show Booth 1817

Beyond The Range

Montague TECHNOSTAR gives operators everything they want in a commercial cooking range. Features include 30,000-Btu cast-iron burners providing operators with 20% more burner coverage, counter-balanced oven doors with a lifetime guarantee and a front-vented oven that creates consistent heat distribution and a more efficient cooking environment. Available in a wide variety of configurations TECHNOSTAR is manufactured in the United States by skilled, tenured Montague craftsman. From floor-standing units and counter-top models to salamanders and cheesemelters, Montague has a TECHNOSTAR component to meet every cooking requirement.

The Montague Co.
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Wave Of The Present

Perfect for any medium- or high-volume foodservice establishment, the 1400W Model 1434N1A commercial microwave features a large 1.2-cu.-ft. “N” Line cook cavity, grab ‘n go door, large easy-to-read controls and 100 programmable times. The economically priced unit includes stainless construction inside and out.

The NAFEM Show Booth 539

Simplified Spec Symbol Solutions

The Specifi Studio service offers a global solution to equipment manufacturers to publish their symbols, pricing and data to enable designers, specifiers, consultants and dealers to access up-to-date specification data through our market-leading design software options. Specifi replaces traditional time-consuming methods with an end-to-end solution to complete synchronized work on the most complex of projects.

Specifi LLC
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Clever Cantilever

With no front uprights, Eagle’s new Q-Lever (Clever) Freestanding Cantilevered Shelving maximizes your storage, allows access to all corners and improves productivity. Shelves and accessories can be easily adjusted without tools, and traditional wire shelves, solid shelves, QuadPlus polymer shelves can be interchanged on the same unit. Available in standard and heavy-duty options, Q-Lever shelving is offered in convenient starter kits with a choice of all wire shelves or wire shelves combined with a bottom dunnage shelf. A standard unit with bottom dunnage has a load-bearing capacity of 600 lbs. per shelf and 1,000 lbs on the bottom dunnage shelf.

Eagle Group
The NAFEM Show Booth #2805

Combi-Oven Excellence

The CHEFTOP MIND.Maps PLUS ovens are the culmination of UNOX's years of research and experience of working alongside the most demanding chefs as they take on the daily challenge of making their creative ideas a reality. They are designed to be easy to use and to guarantee top performance in all working conditions. They use the latest smart technologies to give real support in your work and to adapt to any kitchen, whatever the size.

The NAFEM Show Booth 4167

Cook More In Less Space

With adjustable temperatures from 150°F to 650°F, the Wood Stone Gas Plancha is the high-performance alternative to both a standard flattop griddle and a gas charbroiler. Quick heat-up and recovery let you achieve the flavor profile and texture you want every time. With thermostatically controlled and individually adjustable zones, it can support a range of cooking temperatures simultaneously. Cook delicate food at a low temperature in one zone while searing in another. It holds a set temperature and, because of its fast recovery, allows for constant cooking in the same location with no change in cook time or finished result.

Wood Stone Corp.
The NAFEM Show Booth 1800

Better Well…Good

ConserveWell Heated Utensil Holders are an eco-friendly, innovative method of rinsing and preventing bacteria growth by holding utensils in water over 140°F. Proven to cut water usage by nearly 99% each day and reduce utility costs by almost $3000 compared to continuous-flow dipper wells, they save money while reducing your environmental. ConserveWell Heated Utensil Holders are available in drop-in or mountable models and 120V or new 230V options.

Server Products
The NAFEM Show Booth 412

No-Sneeze With Ease

Viper is a fully adjustable custom sneeze guard designed specifically for adjustability on curved or angled counters. By eliminating extra posts, the customer has a clearer view of the food and a less-obstructed reach. Viper is designed for operators to adjust effortlessly. Without using any tools, glass can be altered to accommodate full service to self service while discreet vertical tracks allow each panel of glass to adjust independently.

English Manufacturing Inc.
The NAFEM Show Booth 963

Modular Holding Bin

Prince Castle’s Modular Holding Bin is the latest holding innovation providing operators the greatest flexibility for menu variety and kitchen design. Modular individually heated bins allows you to expand horizontally and vertically, maintaining the desired serving temperatures per food item. Designed to ensure customers are always served the highest quality meals. Learn more about this product at

Prince Castle/Marmon
The NAFEM Show Booth 3223

Ductless Mobile Cooking Platform

The UL-listed 710B Mobichef mobile cooking platform comes with 32 unique combinations of electric appliances in four different lengths. This variety of appliances is unparalleled in ductless systems. By offering such a variety of appliance options, there is effectively no limitation on the menu creation. Mobichef comes complete with three-stage filtration, odor abatement, fan system, fire system, system monitoring touchscreen, appliance arrangement and refrigerated base. A single-point power connection is supplied for ease of installation. Developed to showcase fresh food prepared right in front of your customers, Mobichef goes where you want it to.

Halton Co.
The NAFEM Show Booth 1860

High-Cap For Cabs (And Pinots)

Providing high-capacity storage in a small 24- by 24-in. footprint, Perlick Wine Column Refrigeration features space-efficient, climate-controlled column refrigeration. Single- (up to 91 bottles) and dual-zone (up to 99 bottles) models are available, and factory-set sensor maintains optimum humidity level. Programmable blue and white LED interior lighting gives a slow-fade effect for on and off setting. Black-polymer-dipped shelves provide vibration protection and protect labels from abrasion.

Perlick Corp.
The NAFEM Show Booth 2260

Refrigerated Pizza Prep Tables

Certified under NSF-7 to maintain temperatures in 86°F ambient and designed to maintain NSF-7 temperatures in 100°F ambient, Pizza Preparation Table with optional Vision Panel Lid offers a unique forced air design utilizing multiple fans across entire back of unit for even distribution of cold. A refrigerated compartment with door (standard) or drawer (optional) uniquely housed above compressor provides extra storage, while raised angle rail gives greater ease and comfort.

Continental Refrigerator
The NAFEM Show Booth 823

Four For Full Flexibility

Vector F Series Multi-Cook ovens from Alto-Shaam provide operators with unmatched food production and food quality. Their increased capacity for full-size sheet pans or hotel pans is perfect for high-volume, batch cooking. The secret to more food, more often, lies in exclusive Structured Air Technology. Operators can cook up to four different food items with zero flavor transfer while simultaneously controlling the temperature, fan speed and time in each independent oven chamber. That means every food can be cooked at its ideal temperature–to perfect your dishes.

Alto-Shaam Inc.
The NAFEM Show Booth 900

Enticing Icing

The compact KM-350MAJ KMEdge X ice machine produces up to 489 lbs. of ice daily while using less electricity and water, and it is ENERGY STAR qualified. New features include a factory-installed ultrasonic bin control, redesigned float switch and AssistedClean, which reduces cleaning time by more than 50%. Additional upgrades include durable snap-fit evaporator case with foamed-in-place, injection molded design and a double-sided evaporator with more bonded surface area around the copper tubing.

Hoshizaki America Inc.
The NAFEM Show Booth 1457

Refreshing the Experience

Multiplex FreshBlender is a self-serve beverage platform featuring a 20-in. intuitive user interface touchscreen that produces smoothies, frappes, shakes and more in less than 2 minutes. In 20- by 39-in. narrow footprint, the FreshBlender integrates refrigeration, ice making, blending, dispensing and digital controls for hundreds of self-served drinks per day. Realistic payback is well under a year. The successful turnkey solution to enable the complete range of blended and dispensed beverage.

The NAFEM Show Booth 3200

The Proof Is In The Proofer

The INHPL-1825-UNC-2D-DGT incorporates universal runners in the heater proofer cabinet for the storage of steam pans and sheet pans with insulation and Dutch doors for better energy consumption. This unit comes with the new digital drawer, which ensures accurate and precise temperatures and humidity levels when set. The drawer has a circuit breaker to provide overcurrent protection to the entire unit, and the drawer is removable for easy cleaning. The entire unit is constructed with heavy-duty aluminum and utilizes a forced air design to evenly distribute heat.

Winholt Equipment Group
The NAFEM Show Booth 3020

Heated Holding Heating Up

Since the initial debut of the Heated Holding Self (HHS) design by Food Warming Equipment Co., this new product line keeps getting better with more options, more sizes, and more designs with features tailored for your operation. As the demand for quick access to higher-quality food prevails, and new mobile apps push accessibility into almost every foodservice application, the HHS series of heated shelving was designed to exploit this growing trend. The HHS provides the Grab-and-Go, pick-up process with a perfect solution to keep food product and meals hotter, longer and safer providing better quality and appeal to customers.

Food Warming Equipment Co. Inc./FWE
The NAFEM Show Booth 1035

MOD Squad

Endless possibilities and improved productivity without breaking the bank are possible with the BK Resources Easy MOD System. Adding sinks, ice bins, water stations, trash chute, outlets, cup and condiment dispensers, drawer assemblies and many more options has never been easier. We create the quote and drawing for your approval. With a turnaround time of 10 days or less, no one can get you up and running faster. For a full list of available Easy MOD options please see our T1 2019 catalog or see the full listing in AutoQuotes.

BK Resources
The NAFEM Show Booth 782

Versatile Bakeware

Chicago Metallic offers the widest selection of cupcake and muffin pans, ranging from mini products to standard as well as oversized and specialty mould designs. The high-quality materials and proprietary coatings result in bakeware of unmatched durability and strength. Chicago Metallic stocks over 100 different cupcake and muffin pans, and all are available plain or coated with AMERICOAT ePlus glaze, Optishield non-stick coating or the exclusive DuraShield 265U purple non-stick coating, designed for allergen management. Chicago Metallic can also design completely custom pans including unique mould designs and pan sizes to meet your operations unique style and operational needs.

Chicago Metallic/Bundy Baking
The NAFEM Show Booth 1632

Dual-Door Compact Cooling

The German-engineered GRT21S2HC ProfiLine food service refrigerator features a top-mount compressor that provides cooling temps from 28°F to 61°F throughout the dual compartment chambers. The interior offers 21-cu.-ft. gross storage volume with multiple clear-coated wire shelves. Stainless inside and out, the unit provides external digital temp readings and control with visual and audible alarms.

Liebherr USA Co.
The NAFEM Show Booth 4164

Chef's Choice

Engineered to cook, hold and rethermalize food at just the right level of doneness, Waring Commercial Sous Vide Thermal Circulators surround vacuum-sealed food packages with a continuous flow of water at a precisely controlled temperature. Available with a compact or large water tank, these high-efficiency units come complete with cover rack, rack lift and drain hose. The touch-control panel with 5 programmable settings makes it easy to rethermalize refrigerated and frozen food at the exact desired temperature, without overcooking. The result is meats, seafood, vegetables and more cooked to perfection with the ideal texture, taste and tenderness.

Waring Commercial
The NAFEM Show Booth 3240

Slicing Selection

The Standalone CL50 Model vegetable prep machine comes without discs to give the operator the flexibility of choosing individual discs or a disc package that best meets their individual needs. The choices are abundant, and the versatility is endless with more than 50 discs available, including slicers, ripple slicers, graters, julienne, dicing kits and French fry kits. In addition, there are packages designed to meet your culinary needs—Restaurant Package, Tex-Mex Package and Pizza Package. Mix it up or choose a package to go along with the CL50 No Disc Machine.

Robot Coupe USA
The NAFEM Show Booth 2612

To Serve And ProVect

Made in America, the new 36-inch ProVection oven features solid steel construction, full porcelain interior, 2-speed motor, 3 double nickel-plated oven racks with removable guide assembly, 5 rack positions, 3-unit stackability, a highly sensitive Ametek thermostat control system and tempered glass doors. The electric unit comes with a low-watt density element, which increases the product’s lifespan; a gas unit is also available with in-shot burners for increased heat exchange. Additional features include two HID oven interior lights with momentary switch, stainless oven door handles and a convenient cool down mode.

Imperial Commercial Cooking Equipment 
The NAFEM Show Booth 629

European Style Bakery Cases

Turbo Air's new European style bakery cases have tempered front and side glass and minimal frame to optimize display effect, a stainless floor for sanitation, adjustable tempered glass shelves, stainless front and back edges and LED interior lighting. All models are equipped with the self-cleaning condenser. These bakery cases have a digital thermostat with defrost control and are fueled by environmentally friendly hydrocarbon refrigerant. The refrigerator holds 33°F-41°F. Refrigerated, dry, and refrigerated/dry combo models are available in various sizes.

Turbo Air
The NAFEM Show Booth 469

No Pain, All Train

Ignitor Labs creates and delivers online training solutions for roll-outs, planned maintenance and repair of your foodservice equipment. Our suite of tools includes ProTech, PocketTech and MicroTech. We are the global leader in building custom interactive, on-line refresher courses and field reference tools to augment any in-house manufacturer or chain restaurant training programs. We work on your teams’ tablets or smart phones, providing 24/7 training and tribal knowledge that saves time and money. Reduce return visits and downtime for your clients, increase first-time fix rates and increase productivity for your factory service network.

Ignitor Labs
The NAFEM Show Booth 890

Countertop Cold Brew System

Turning an existing beverage dispenser into an all-in-one brewer and dispenser, the Cold Brew N’ Serv cold brew system has a simple yet innovative brew basket that holds up to 3 lbs. of ground or filter-pack coffee, yielding 3 gal. of cold brew coffee. The cam lock handles keep coffee submersed to provide excellent extraction and retention.

Service Ideas Inc.
The NAFEM Show Booth 2426

Fresh Solutions, Fit for You

The redesigned Delfield Specification Line incorporates GreenGenius refrigeration utilizing natural R290 refrigerant and a 4.3-in. easyTouch screen viewable from across the room that can be passcode protected. It’s easy to use, yet smart enough to control all the functions an operator could want. Alerts are sent directly to a smartphone or tablet for remote monitoring of data and equipment. Service providers can also analyze data history and review equipment remotely

The NAFEM Show Booth 3200

Safety, Sustainability, Savings

Frontline’s modular lineup of fresh oil and waste oil systems offers customized, flexible, right-sized solutions. The EZ Oil system for fresh boxed oil offers greater yields and higher-quality oil choices. Waste oil equipment includes indoor and outdoor containment tanks (with Direct-Plumbed options), grill grease systems, portable caddies, and filtration equipment. The M3 (Monitor, Measure and Manage) web-based system lets you calibrate quality, automatically top-off fryers after orders, track waste oil and schedule a pickup!

Frontline International Inc.
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