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Clever Cantilever

With no front uprights, Eagle’s new Q-Lever (Clever) Freestanding Cantilevered Shelving maximizes your storage, allows access to all corners and improves productivity. Shelves and accessories can be easily adjusted without tools, and traditional wire shelves, solid shelves, QuadPlus polymer shelves can be interchanged on the same unit. Available in standard and heavy-duty options, Q-Lever shelving is offered in convenient starter kits with a choice of all wire shelves or wire shelves combined with a bottom dunnage shelf. A standard unit with bottom dunnage has a load-bearing capacity of 600 lbs. per shelf and 1,000 lbs on the bottom dunnage shelf.

Eagle Group
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Four For Full Flexibility

Vector F Series Multi-Cook Ovens from Alto-Shaam provide operators with unmatched food production and food quality. Their increased capacity for full-size sheet pans or hotel pans is perfect for high-volume batch cooking. The secret to more food, more often, lies in exclusive Structured Air Technology. Operators can cook up to four different food items with zero flavor transfer while simultaneously controlling the temperature, fan speed and time in each independent oven chamber. That means every food can be cooked at its ideal temperature—to perfect your dishes.

Alto-Shaam Inc.
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European Style Bakery Cases

Turbo Air's new European style bakery cases have tempered front and side glass and minimal frame to optimize display effect, a stainless floor for sanitation, adjustable tempered glass shelves, stainless front and back edges and LED interior lighting. All models are equipped with the self-cleaning condenser. These bakery cases have a digital thermostat with defrost control and are fueled by environmentally friendly hydrocarbon refrigerant. The refrigerator holds 33°F-41°F. Refrigerated, dry, and refrigerated/dry combo models are available in various sizes.

Turbo Air
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Timeless Quality, Trusted for Life

The Cleveland Range PowerPan series has a 35-in. rim height, 10-degree tilt feature and an open base, allowing for ease in both cooking and cleaning. Exclusive value-added features include a dynamic power burner (forced-air) gas combustion system with 160,000-Btu standard power and a 200,000-Btu high-power setting for superior heat-up and recovery times. This increase in time creates higher productivity for a wide variety of cooking, such as grilling and braising meats, steaming vegetables and rice, or simmering soups and sauces. Available in 30- and 40-gal. capacities with easy-to-turn manual crank tilt or optional power tilt models with manual override. Bead-blasted cooking surfaces help prevent foods from sticking, while stainless construction and reinforced bottoms add durability.

Cleveland Range Co.
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Instant Kitchen

Kitchens To Go provides comprehensive mobile, modular and containerized commercial kitchens for planned renovation or expansion, new construction and special events or for immediate needs such as disaster response and recovery. Short- and long-term, lease or purchase solutions are available in a multitude of platforms. Our licensed team of architects and engineers, along with our account executives, partner with you to reduce downtime, project costs and construction fatigue. KTG’s innovative Solutions To Go mirror existing production facilities with state-of-the-art equipment, functionality and design. In addition to cooking capacity, cold and frozen storage, warewashing, dining space, restroom and office facilities can be provided.

Kitchens to Go Built by Carlin
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High Bar For Low Temps

Whether you’re blast chilling, shock freezing or thawing, the updated Touch Screen Controller included on American Panel blast chillers makes it even easier to navigate through all functions, raising the bar even higher in the blast chiller market. A “Quick Start” function is offered if you utilize one function for most cycles, while the "A La Carte" mode has 6 timers for management of multiple batches in the same cabinet. Features include USB HACCP Interface, wi-fi Connectivity, Ozone Generator and many more. American Panel also offers the largest product line in the industry from small countertop units to triple-depth roll-ins.

American Panel
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The Weight of (Under)Water

Go ahead and splash around it, spill liquids on it, even submerge it. The BRAVO! BRV-160W waterproof digital scale can handle almost anything your busy kitchen can ask of it. It can be field recalibrated and has an oversized stainless platform standard and the largest LCD display in its class. Display options include: 10-lb x 0.05-oz; 160-oz x 0.05-oz; 160-oz x 1/8-oz; 5000-g x 1-g; 10-lb x 0.002-lb; 160-fl.oz x 0.05-fl.oz; and 5000-ml x 1-ml. It is powered by UL/CUL/CE approved dual-voltage AC power supply or 2 AA batteries with an auto shut-off.

Edlund Co. LLC/Ali Group
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No-Sneeze With Ease

Viper is a fully adjustable custom sneeze guard designed specifically for adjustability on curved or angled counters. By eliminating extra posts, the customer has a clearer view of the food and a less-obstructed reach. Viper is designed for operators to adjust effortlessly. Without using any tools, glass can be altered to accommodate full service to self service while discreet vertical tracks allow each panel of glass to adjust independently.

English Manufacturing Inc.
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Rite And Ready

ThermalRite cold prep tables are manufactured to maintain a safe holding temperature while providing maximum flexibility with refrigerated rails, doors and drawers that are fully interchangeable in the field. These prep tables include a balanced energy-efficient refrigeration system designed to deliver quick recovery, consistent product temperatures and low utility costs. Choose from 1-, 2- or 3-door options and granite or stainless flat top. Add-on parts and accessories to customize the unit, such as ambient temperature drawers designed to hold dough, ingredients or utensils, or a self-contained and glass-protected refrigerated condiment rail, available in 6- or 10-pan options.

The NAFEM Show Booth 1851

Ductless Mobile Cooking Platform

The UL-listed 710B Mobichef mobile cooking platform comes with 32 unique combinations of electric appliances in four different lengths. This variety of appliances is unparalleled in ductless systems. By offering such a variety of appliance options, there is effectively no limitation on the menu creation. Mobichef comes complete with three-stage filtration, odor abatement, fan system, fire system, system monitoring touchscreen, appliance arrangement and refrigerated base. A single-point power connection is supplied for ease of installation. Developed to showcase fresh food prepared right in front of your customers, Mobichef goes where you want it to.

Halton Co.
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Heated Holding Heating Up

Since the initial debut of the Heated Holding Self (HHS) design by Food Warming Equipment Co., this new product line keeps getting better with more options, more sizes, and more designs with features tailored for your operation. As the demand for quick access to higher-quality food prevails, and new mobile apps push accessibility into almost every foodservice application, the HHS series of heated shelving was designed to exploit this growing trend. The HHS provides the Grab-and-Go, pick-up process with a perfect solution to keep food product and meals hotter, longer and safer providing better quality and appeal to customers.

Food Warming Equipment Co. Inc./FWE
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Do It All With Just One

The Baxter VersaOven gives you the power to reinvent what’s possible in commercial kitchens. By replacing multiple oven technologies with one advanced VersaOven, kitchen crews can consistently cook, bake and steam nearly any type of food imaginable with the same quality they expect from single-purpose equipment, all while saving space, time and money. With the game-changing VersaOven, you can reclaim critical floorspace to free up your kitchen design configurations and streamline operations. And because every VersaOven is loaded with patented technologies (it actually cleans itself!) that boost performance and productivity, you’ll be cooking up exciting new opportunities for your customers in no time.

Baxter Mfg./ITW FEG
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Chilled Wells Offer Remote, Efficient, Easy Operation

Refrigerated Slim Drop-In Wells, which blanket pre-chilled food products to retain optimum freshness and taste, are now available in remote configurations to offer design flexibility. They are available in 1 to 4 full-size pan configurations that are placed lengthwise in the well for easy, reachable access to the food products, even with sneeze guards in place. The wells feature optimal and environmentally friendly insulation on the sides and bottom for better cold retention and cost savings, as well as auto-defrost. The CWBR-S models include a remote-mounted condensing unit and control panel; the CWBX-S models include a remote-mounted control panel only.

Hatco Corp.
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No Pain, All Train

Ignitor Labs creates and delivers online training solutions for roll-outs, planned maintenance and repair of your foodservice equipment. Our suite of tools includes ProTech, PocketTech and MicroTech. We are the global leader in building custom interactive, on-line refresher courses and field reference tools to augment any in-house manufacturer or chain restaurant training programs. We work on your teams’ tablets or smart phones, providing 24/7 training and tribal knowledge that saves time and money. Reduce return visits and downtime for your clients, increase first-time fix rates and increase productivity for your factory service network.

Ignitor Labs
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Your Growth Is Our Goal

Frymaster FilterQuick with easyTouch controller makes cooking and filtering simply intuitive. The touchscreen features operation management that monitor and help control food quality, oil life and equipment performance. It offers configurable and customizable recipe management and connectivity compatibility. The optional Oil Quality Sensor (OQS) monitors the oil’s health and advises when to discard. No more guesswork. The easy-to-use, closed-cabinet, fully automatic filtration (AF) system encourages more frequent filtering, which preserves oil life and ensures consistent, great-tasting food. 

The NAFEM Show Booth 3200

Beyond The Range

Montague TECHNOSTAR gives operators everything they want in a commercial cooking range. Features include 30,000-Btu cast-iron burners providing operators with 20% more burner coverage, counter-balanced oven doors with a lifetime guarantee and a front-vented oven that creates consistent heat distribution and a more efficient cooking environment. Available in a wide variety of configurations TECHNOSTAR is manufactured in the United States by skilled, tenured Montague craftsman. From floor-standing units and counter-top models to salamanders and cheesemelters, Montague has a TECHNOSTAR component to meet every cooking requirement.

The Montague Co.
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Sensor Saves Cents (And Dollars)

Salvajor’s new Water Saving Package (WSP) for disposers includes everything you need to operate more efficiently. Patented operator sensor technology is capable of detecting the presence of the operator. In Water Saver Mode, the sensor will detect when the operator leaves or returns to the work area and will adjust water flow accordingly. The disposer will power off entirely if the operator does not return before the adjustable run timer expires. Includes disposer sink or cone assembly, ARSS-LD control and sensor. Simple installation requires only one solenoid.

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The Twist Is There’s No Twist

Serve all kinds of cereal favorites without the waste and mess of other dispensers or single-serve packaging. CerealServ dispensers keep breakfast clean and simple—no twisting necessary. Lever action with a simple up/down motion eases use for children and individuals with disabilities. Compact designs fit in tight spaces, so you can serve where you want. Sleek and elegant look not only provides invaluable space-savings, but promises to make any buffet line look just that more appetizing. Double and triple models are available in two capacities to keep freshness in mind.

Server Products
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Wave Of The Present

Perfect for any medium or high-volume foodservice establishment, the 1400W Model 1434N1A commercial microwave features a large 1.2-cu.ft “N” Line cook cavity, grab ‘n go door, large easy-to-read controls and 100 programmable times. The economically priced unit includes stainless construction inside and out.

The NAFEM Show Booth 539

Waste Oil Transport

What better way to begin 2019 than with a managed fryer oil program? Fresh oil makes fresh product. Let the Shortening Shuttle Waste Oil Carrier be the cornerstone of your program. Moving hot waste cooking oil from the kitchen to the dumpster has never been easier. There are 6 models to choose from and friendly staff to help you choose which model best fits your kitchen.

Shortening Shuttle/Worcester Industrial Products
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Simplified Spec Symbol Solutions

The Specifi Studio service offers a global solution to equipment manufacturers to publish their symbols, pricing and data to enable designers, specifiers, consultants and dealers to access up-to-date specification data through our market-leading design software options. Specifi replaces traditional time-consuming methods with an end-to-end solution to complete synchronized work on the most complex of projects.

Specifi LLC
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Here A Sink, There A Sink

The STCT-BHD2436PUMP was conceptualized from a research where the difficulty in maintaining handwashing facility in foodservice areas with limited plumbing stood out, violating health department requirements. The stainless mobile hand sink includes a soap dispenser and kitchen towel holder. It is equipped with a UL-listed Stiebel Eltron mini water heater, ensuring availability of hot water at 110°F. The faucet on this unit allows for blending of hot and cold water. The UL-listed Shurflo water pump supplies water at 0.32 gpm. The entire unit has 5¼-in. swivel polyurethane casters with brakes, making it a mobile solution.

Winholt Equipment Group
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Taking True Temps

Functionality meets innovation in Taylor’s 9868FDA Waterproof Thermocouple Thermometer. The impressive 270° pivoting 1.5-mm stepdown probe and versatility of the 180° rotating blue backlit display make the 9868FDA an essential tool in every professional kitchen. The 9868FDA is Waterproof IP67 rated, NSF listed and NIST certified. Offering a temperature range of -40°F-572°F (-40°C-300°C), it provides highly accurate measurements at a fast response time. Recalibratable with auto off and hold features. Safe-T-Guard case incorporates an EPA-registered product that inhibits the growth of bacterial odor and mold on the case.

Taylor Co.
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Make-up Air Products

The Accurex line of make-up air solutions provides balance and comfort to the kitchen environment and staff. Not only do they keep your workspace comfortable and productive, our packaged cooling systems provide installation advantages, utilizing single-point power to reduce electrical install costs up to 70%. To deliver maximum performance, our commercial condensers utilize a draw-through airflow design for superior cooling and efficiencies while also providing industry-leading variable air volume turndown capabilities on heating applications. Most importantly, with the broadest product offering, Accurex provides the right solution for your environment and comfort goals.

The NAFEM Show Booth 839

Combi-Oven Excellence

The CHEFTOP MIND.Maps PLUS ovens are the culmination of UNOX's years of research and experience of working alongside the most demanding chefs as they take on the daily challenge of making their creative ideas a reality. They are designed to be easy to use and to guarantee top performance in all working conditions. They use the latest smart technologies to give real support in your work and to adapt to any kitchen, whatever the size.

The NAFEM Show Booth 4167

Bring On The Cold

Whether you need your cold portable in ice form or standing in storage form, Atosa has your cold product solution. Our Energy Star-certified ice machines offer production up to 460 lbs. per 24 hrs (810-lb. model coming soon) with a built-in storage capacity of 395 lbs. (under counters). Available for free-standing or built-in applications, they feature R290 refrigerant, air-cooled condenser, removable air filter, stainless exterior and height-adjustable leg levelers. Just one of a wide range of refrigeration and freezer models, the MBF8007GR freezer has a top-mount heavy-duty Embraco compressor, Dixell digital temperature control system, self-closing and stay-open doors, recessed door handles and down-duct refrigeration to ensure even distribution of air.

Atosa Catering Equipment Inc.
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Cook More In Less Space

With adjustable temperatures from 150°F-650°F, the Wood Stone Gas Plancha is the high-performance alternative to both a standard flattop griddle and a gas charbroiler. Quick heat-up and recovery let you achieve the flavor profile and texture you want every time. With thermostatically controlled and individually adjustable zones, it can support a range of cooking temperatures simultaneously. Cook delicate food at a low temperature in one zone while searing in another. It holds a set temperature and, because of its fast recovery, allows for constant cooking in the same location with no change in cook time or finished result.

Wood Stone Corp.
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Purchasing Power With Pride

Comprised of 116 foodservice equipment and supplies businesses throughout the United States, Canada and the Cayman Islands, PRIDE Centric Resources connects dealers with centric suppliers to promote commerce and profitability. PRIDE also provides valuable marketing, financial and information technology resources for its dealers. PRIDE annually negotiates greater return for its dealers through the power of group volume. Incentives and promotions not offered to individual businesses are available to PRIDE and its dealers.

PRIDE Centric Resources Inc.

A New Angle On Shields

Eagle’s Spec-SHIELD food shields allow you to adjust the height and angle of the glass panels without any tools to best match your service style. One of the more important benefits of the design is that there are no holes in the glass panels for easier on-site installation. The food shields meet NSF standards and can mount either above or below countertops. The top flat tempered glass measures 3/8-in-thick; front and side tempered glass measures 1/4-in. thick. The post system features 1-in-diameter stainless legs. Eagle offers Spec-SHIELD as standard models for its Directors Choice cafeteria line as well as in custom configurations for custom-fabricated serving counters.

Eagle Group
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Eliminate Ice With Refrigerant

Master-Bilt’s Master Controller Reverse Cycle Defrost system option increases food safety, prevents product loss and saves significantly on energy bills. Its Web2Walk-In software increases user connectivity with remote monitoring and programming of data and set points. Also, its patented design saves up to 27% more energy than an all-mechanical system. With the reverse cycle defrost feature, high-temperature refrigerant flows back through the evaporator coil, heating it along its entire length to eliminate frost build-up. The prevention of ice formation from blocking the cold airflow, results in more efficient cooling, lowering the risk of temperature fluctuations inside the walk-in caused by the constant opening and closing of walk-in doors.

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