Foodservice Equipment Reports



Chilling Out

Making ice and water readily available is vital in healthcare. But how do you know what to look for and think about when shopping for a dispenser?

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Improving Your Serve

Getting everything perfectly cooked and served on time is an art form. However, some situations make that challenging. Maybe a cook-and-hold oven would help. But how do you decide—and once you decide, what do you look for?

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Hot Delivery

Bringing hot meals to patients is critical to the success of your department. Manufacturers have built induction heating systems that are energy efficient, reliable and perform well. Here’s how to choose the best solution for your tray-assembly operation.

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Go With The Flow

Repositioned serving platforms, and plenty of grab-and-go options, let guests move easily and quickly through the remodeled retail dining space at Medical City Dallas Hospital.

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Moveable Feasts

Merchandising carts and kiosks generate revenue, expand menu programs and speed-up service. Turn here to learn all the possibilities, and top homework questions, when setting up a platform.

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Quality On Demand

Cini-Little Int’l. foodservice professionals redesign UC San Diego Health’s Thornton Hospital production kitchen to accommodate a newly added 245-bed medical center. It now offers a room-service meal delivery program for patients.

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Meet, Plan, Go!

For a newly-constructed building at Mayo Clinic-Phoenix, designers and project managers worked together to create two serveries and a supporting kitchen, all readily capable of expanding.

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Trayline Troopers

When your kitchen is charged with prepping hundreds of patient meal trays a day, air-screen refrigerators keep food products safely chilled along an assembly line that can last a couple of hours.

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Food Shield Evolution

Food shields have evolved from bulky, institutional-looking structures into airy, attractive and adjustable models. Turn here to learn the latest in types of shields, mounting options and equipment add-ons.

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