Equipment Comparisons

Frying Game

Electric fryers are so energy efficient that Energy Star is raising the stakes by which models qualify on October 1. Here’s what to look for when specifying a model—now and going forward.

Best Practices: Caring For Airpots

Airpots are remarkably convenient for serving beverages far from the kitchen or to large groups, but they last longer when cared for properly.

Not Just A Well

From configuration and construction to installation, there’s plenty to study when planning food-holding wells for your serving counters.

Chopper Care And Feeding

Regular cleaning, common sense and attention to all the parts will keep your manual food chopper slicing and dicing in fine form.

Ice Machines Maintenance

Ice is food. You’ve heard it before, but really think about it. Like everything else on your menu, your ice will be ingested by your customers.

BACK STORY: It Pays To Listen

John Schwindt, G.M., V.P. of Operations at Hawkins Commercial Appliance Service, insists one restaurant change cleaning policies to prevent an oven's gas pilot safety valve from continuously failing. 

Make It Cold

Customers want icy cold beverages pretty much year round, but especially summer. For many of you, a small to mid-size cube ice machine will meet the demands. Keep these tips in mind before you buy.

Intro to Cold Brew Coffee

Cold brew coffee is smoother, sweeter and less bitter than iced coffee made from traditionally hot brewed coffee. Now, with nitrogen-infused cold brew, it has texture and creaminess, too.

Cuber Gallery

A look at cuber models

Anatomy Of A Well-Designed Cold Storage

The right shelving, optimal use of space, good lighting - all matter in a walk-in. By carefully planning your cold storage space, you reduce waste and improve your food quality and safety.

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