Equipment Comparisons

The Art of Griddle Maintenance

Regular cleaning and maintenance equals better food flavor and longer life for one of the most-used pieces of kitchen equipment—the griddle.

Anatomy Of A Well-Designed Cold Storage

The right shelving, optimal use of space, good lighting - all matter in a walk-in. By carefully planning your cold storage space, you reduce waste and improve your food quality and safety.

Weighty Decisions

Need shelving? Turn here for top questions to ask to find a system that fits your needs.

Front & Center

Display kitchens connect customers to the culinary experience. But how do you design an open kitchen that’s operationally efficient and easy to keep visually appealing? Top consultants weigh in.

Cold To Go

Adding grab-and-go to your menu mix isn’t quite as easy as plugging in a refrigerated display case. Here’s what you need to know before you spec a model.

Hot Water: Fast, Plentiful & Most Efficient

Fisher-Nickel’s CEC Water Grant funds groundbreaking research on hot water systems in a restaurant and a school.

Getting Within Range

Not all ranges are created equal. Here’s why you might need a heavy-duty model, and what to look for when you’re setting specs.

Counting On Combi Ovens

These multitasking wonders fill lots of cooking needs in a little space. Make sure they’re professionally installed and regularly maintained.

Best Practices: Disposer Care

Few things are easier or more convenient than dropping food waste down a commercial-grade disposer. But there are steps to keeping your unit operating at peak performance.

BACK STORY: Compatibility Conundrum

A malfunctioning circuit board on a hotel's 10-year-old combi oven proves challenging when Christopher Moy of Interstate Food Equipment Service tries to get a replacement.

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