Equipment Comparisons

Going With The Flow

The revenue potential in wines sold by the glass is gaining momentum. Today’s wine-dispensing technologies make it more profitable than ever.

Clear As Glass

The dishroom has enough to worry about. What your bar needs is its own glass washer—what type depends on your bar, your clientele and the kind of drinks you serve.

Mixology Stations Move Beyond the Muddle

The popularity of craft cocktails gives rise to a new generation of specialty bar setups.

Sandwich Prep Tables

Refrigerated prep tables hold ingredients at safe temperatures while your crew assembles sandwiches and salads.

BACK STORY: Dropped Opportunity

San Antonio, Texas-based Commercial Kitchen Parts & Service talks an operator through a repair to discover that when tiny parts go missing, big problems ensue.

FER REPORT: Combi Ready

There’s no better place to test drive different combis than the Combi Challenge, hosted every year by the Southern California Gas Company.

BACK STORY: Steamed Over Combi Failure

R&B Commercial Service, Albuquerque, N.M., brings quality back to a restaurant's signature ribs when it solves a combi oven's mysterious steam leak.

A Better Baker

Your menu applications may call for convection over convention when it comes to ovens. Read on for more about when and how to spec a convection oven.

Anatomy Of A Hood

We show you some of the basic do's and don'ts of good commercial-kitchen-ventilation-system design in an easy-to-read photo spread.

The ABCs of CKV

Consultants offer a quick orientation on commercial kitchen ventilation, hood styles, the latest basic technologies and best-practice tips for engineering effective systems.

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