Equipment Comparisons

Anatomy Of A Hood

We show you some of the basic do's and don'ts of good commercial-kitchen-ventilation-system design in an easy-to-read photo spread.

The ABCs of CKV

Consultants offer a quick orientation on commercial kitchen ventilation, hood styles, the latest basic technologies and best-practice tips for engineering effective systems.

BACK STORY: Steamed Over Combi Failure

R&B Commercial Service, Albuquerque, N.M., brings quality back to a restaurant's signature ribs when it solves a combi oven's mysterious steam leak.

A Better Baker

Your menu applications may call for convection over convention when it comes to ovens. Read on for more about when and how to spec a convection oven.

FER FOCUS: The Need For Speed

Fast-cook ovens give you speed and menu flexibility in places you never thought possible.

Maintenance Tips: Maintainin’ Your Cool

Keeping refrigeration running right is a lot easier—and cheaper—than fixing it.

FOCUS: New Twists on Soft Serve

Low-fat options and probiotics have pushed soft-serve yogurt to new highs. Are you equipped?


Carpigiani/Ali Group The Magica machine is a self-serve, pump-driven automatic machine that delivers portions from 2- to 6-oz. Unit comes with heat treatment available (for cleaning once every 14 days) and a hopper agitator (for stirring mix to prevent separation). The machine features “Teorema,” Carpigiani’s patented machine performance tracking and communication system that monitors not…

FOCUS: Braising The Limit

Operators who use tilting braising pans swear they’re the most versatile piece of equipment in a kitchen, and you don’t have to be a pinball wizard to use them.

FOCUS: Ethnic Specialists

You’re reading more and more about the wonderful and authentic ethnic equipment designers specify today, especially in open kitchens and display cooking stations. Here’s a closer look at eight categories.

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