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Happy New Year, Friends; Be Ready For FER Top Dealer Survey

Just a short note this issue, from Brian Ward, Jan Ashton, Robin Ashton, and all the rest of us at Gill Ashton Publishing, wishing you and your families a healthy, fulfilling and wildly successful 2012. Please remember to have as much fun and do as much good as you can every day. Life’s too short to behave otherwise.

Please keep those dealer-specific news items coming. This is a newsletter for dealers, about dealers and their suppliers, and we depend on you to let us know about changes in your companies, awards programs, marketing activities and the like. That applies to our friends at the dealer marketing groups and suppliers, too. Thanks to all of you who sent us items last year.

And do keep an eye out for the FER Top Dealer Survey, which we’ll be sending out in February. The deadline for returning the survey will be April 1. Remember any size dealer can participate and be listed, so long as it verifies its volume through a certified public or other independent accountant’s signature. Brian and Robin will work together on the survey this year. You’ll be getting a friendly call from one of us if you are late getting your survey back promptly!

We hope to see many of you at the Foodservice Equipment Distributors Association’s annual convention in Tucson, Ariz., in late March, if not before. And again, have a great year.


Robin Ashton


Brian Ward

Chief Editor/Associate Publisher

Jan Ashton

News Editor

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