SPECIAL REPORT: Floor Mixer Gallery

Welcome to the Gallery! This month we opened it up to makers of planetary and spiral mixers of any capacity, so long as the units submitted were floor machines. Among the products here you’ll find one new maker plus one newly updated machine.

For more information on floor and other types of mixers, visit our online Buyers Guide at fermag.com.—Ed.


Blakeslee offers several floor mixers with a variety of attachments and options. The F20 is a 3-speed, gear-driven, 20-qt. unit with planetary mixing action that ensures uniform and complete mixing of all ingredients. An automatic timer turns off the mixer at any preset time up to 15 mins. A deluxe model, the F20-D, features a stainless base, stainless motor housing and high-shined aluminum column. A higher-capacity option, the streamlined F30, gives you a 30-qt. capacity. An auxiliary drive is provided for operating various attachments. Motors are 1½- and 2 hp, depending on the model, and you get a 1-yr. warranty on parts and on-site labor.* blakesleeinc.com


As a sister company of Belshaw Adamatic under the Ali Group umbrella, Esmach brings new European mixing technology to the United States and Canada. The Esmach line includes spiral mixers with capacities ranging from 50 qts. to 300 qts. and fixed, removable or self-tilting bowls. Horsepower ranges from 3 to 15. In addition to focusing on strength and durability, the Esmach mixer design emphasizes the best combination of blade, hook and bowl for low-temperature-increase, tear-free dough that possesses a soft skin and consistent texture. Traditional or electronic controls with automatic programs are available along with a host of convenience and safety features. Most mixers are UL- and NSF-certified and come with a warranty of 1 yr. parts and labor. esmach.com or info@belshaw-adamatic.com


The GEM120 planetary mixer from General features a 20-qt. stainless bowl and an enclosed, permanently lubricated and thermally protected 1½-hp motor. You can choose from three preselected fixed speed settings: 108, 195 and 355 rpm. The machine’s heat-treated, carbon-steel gears come fully sealed to ensure quiet operation. Standard features include a spiral hook for mixing and kneading yeast dough, a flat beater for making batter, and a wire whip for egg whites, mayonnaise, whipped cream and more. General also offers a 30-qt. mixer with 2 hp and planetary action. Models offer a 1-yr. warranty on parts and on-site labor.



In January 2012, Globe introduced an electronic digital timer for its 60- and 80-qt. mixers. The new timer allows you to select a precise mixing time that can be saved for the next mixing batch. A non-timed digital manual control lets you maintain the speed and time for mixing with a one-touch start-and-stop operation. All units offer a full list of standard features, including 3-hp custom-built motors; high-torque, direct-gear drive; and heat-treated, hardened-alloy steel gears and shafts. Safety features include automatic safety shutoff and safety interlocked bowl guard and lift. The stainless guard comes with a built-in ingredient chute, and mixers come complete with spiral dough hooks and bowl trucks. Warranty is 2 yrs. parts and 1 yr. labor. * globeslicers.com


Hobart’s Legacy mixer line includes several gear-driven floor models, from 30- to 140-qt. sizes. The line’s features include a swing-out bowl designed to facilitate the addition and removal of product, plus single-point bowl installation that makes it easy to install and remove the bowl, says Hobart. A power bowl lift allows you to raise and lower a fully loaded bowl with the touch of a button, and you get quick-release agitators and a bowl scraper. The 2.7-hp, 60-qt. Legacy includes a SmartTimer that allows you to program up to nine different recipes with six steps per recipe. A shift-on-the-fly feature provides for shifting speeds up or down without stopping the mixer, and a slow-start agitation feature is designed to minimize product splash-out. Warranty is 1 yrs. on parts, labor and mileage.



Thunderbird’s 60-qt. gear-driven mixers use planetary mixing action to thoroughly blend, mix and aerate all ingredients with consistent results. Powered by a 4-hp motor, the unit features six speeds; a timer that counts as high as 99 mins.; a transmission designed with wide-faced, hardened-alloy steel; helical gears fully sealed in transmission lubricant; and heavy-duty ball bearings and clutch. A new safety guard is now available, and a manual bowl lift features a self-locking mechanism. Standard accessories include a flat batter beater, spiral dough hook, wire whip and attachment hub. You also get no-volt release, which prevents activation of the mixer when power comes back on after an interruption. An optional extended warranty of up to 6 yrs. is available. * thunderbirdfm.com


The SRM Series planetary mixer offers smooth operation and powerful performance, says Univex. The variable-speed, gear-driven hybrid transmission gives you the right torque control without sacrificing versatility. Floor models range up to 80 qts. with 3-hp motors, and all mixers include a stainless bowl, dough hook, batter beater, wire whip, ingredient chute and removable bowl guard. There’s also an optional timer. A range of slicing, grinding and shredding attachments is also available. The transmission on the planetary units includes thermal overload protection to prevent motor failures. Univex also offers a spiral mixer line with vertical spiral hook, and warranties are 2 yrs. parts and labor on the planetary mixer, 1 yr. parts and labor on the spiral. * univexcorp.com


The W60 planetary mixer offers a 60-qt. capacity and a variable-speed drive system. You can raise and bowl and lock it into position by manually operating a single lever. Variable speeds range from 60 rpm to 300 rpm, and you get overload protection and no-voltage release as standard features. No bowl adaptors are required to downsize your bowl, and the planetary head and attachment hub case are permanently lubricated. There’s also a 15-min. timer with “hold” feature. Comes with a wire whip, dough hook and alloy flat beater. Motor is 3 hp; warranty is 1 yr. parts and labor. * varimixer.com


Vollrath’s floor mixers come in capacities of 30, 40 and 60 qts. and offer 3-speed direct-drive gear transmission. Features include a safety cut-switch that automatically turns off a unit if gears are changed without stopping the mixer. You also get heat-treated alloy steel gears and shafts for long life and quieter operation. A 30-min. timer stops the mixer when the time expires, and various accessories are available, including meat grinders, vegetable slicers and reducer kids. Standard features include a dough hook, wire whisk, spatula, stainless bowl and safety guard. The 60-qt. model also comes with a bowl truck. Horsepower ranges from ½ to 2, depending on model. Warranty is 1 yr. against defects in workmanship and 5 yrs. on the belt. * vollrathco.com

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